Dallas Reeves-Johnny Forza&Yuri Stasio Gang Bang Eric Clark-JPGO

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[Dallas Reeves]-Johnny Forza & Yuri Stasio Gang Bang Eric Clark

March 27, 2015

Johnny and Yuri are in the bathroom taking a leak when Eric Clark come in.

Eric takes the urinal in between the two jocks,
and they immediately start eying up Eric,
giving each other the wink and nod. Eric isn't naive - he knows what he wants, too !

Soon Eric is on his knees like a dirty slut,
sucking of Johnny and Yuri.

As Eric shoves Yuri's fat cock down his throat he jerks of Johhny,
and then switches back and forth. As he blows them both,
Eric's cock is standing at attention.

After Yuri gives Eric a rough face-fucking,
Johnny bends Eric over the toilet and shoves his cock in bareback,
while Eric is still working Yuri's tool with his mouth.

Johnny fucks his little bathroom whore good,
then the two muscle studs lift Eric off the ground and Johnny continues his pounding.

Eric's sexy athletic body gets knocked around like a hammock in a hurricane as his toes curl and he begs for more.

Yuri wants some boy-hole, too,
and before long Johnny takes Eric's torso in his strong arms while Yuri digs deep into Eric with hi fat dick.

A Yuri's pole slides in and out, Eric cums.

Johnny let Eric back down to the ground, where Eric props his head against the urinal and opens wide,
waiting for another treat.

Yuri, and then Johnny, dump thick loads of cum directly into Eric's mouth.

Johnny flushes the urinal and walks away with Yuri, happy that they got to fuck such a dirty boy.
Hot Bare Bathroom Action!
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