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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-24 |
All videos have performer Ben Huller, otherwise known as Seth and known as Oliver Strelly from his straight and bisexual videos. He fucks twinks bareback in each of the videos.

In the photos: Andry, Rick, Vasja

ALEX 09/08/2006

After last PAUL?s publication we?ve received great multitude of queries for Alex. I can?t refuse my lovely members and invited him once more. Alex remained the same from previous time and he is still cheery and affable. As main part of our members I?m sure that he deserves status of model and star, let?s give him this chance once more - watch video and picture set.

ANDRY 10/07/2006

Who could have thought? An opera singer, a very serious man... And a buttcrack like that! I was really surprised. When I stuck 4 fingers into his anus, he got a hard-on! How cute... We?ll see whether he will be able to handle the tempo with which I?m gonna drill his hole. This smart guy saw the toys on my table ? I?ll use them for sure, drive my entire arsenal into his ass.

IVAN 26/08/2006

I didn?t expect but many members loved this young boy. He didn?t make impression on me but it always gives me pleasure to fuck him for my favorite members. I tried to do it in most rough way and it was uneasy job for him to suffer it. This guy said that he rarely does it and I believed him since his ass was very tight and just few persons were there. I got incredible pleasure then.

MAX 12/06/2006

It?s difficult to be famous, this is why some come just to get laid. Not a single fucking professional! With the bombast this handsome boy had he?d better run for presidency. But then again, showbiz, politics, everything done through the anus. Of course I gave him a tonsil-deep screw, unloaded into his self-confident hole and told him to get lost.

PAUL 26/07/2006

According to many requests I've invited PAUL once more. Again we had a good time together. What I can say? Paul was acquiring a tan on the beach and became a little bit brown. It looks nice! He sucks much better now than at the previous time. =) If you want to see anyone among our old models, please let us know! More new models comming soon...

RAY 03/05/2006

One has to be a complete idiot to rely only on one?s super-sexy asshole! I do understand, the phonogram, progress and stuff like that. But one should have some responsibility also! My cock is not a magic wand. Well, I?ll have to fuck him. Yes, both the ass and the mouth, with all one?s might. Maybe a gulp of my miraculous sperm will turn this wanton boy into a singer?

RICK 03/05/2006

My ego is especially pleased when I fuck all of these ?tough guys?, the street boys who know what life is in harsh reality. So such a dog of war comes to me, his self-confidence so big he cannot pass through the door, goddamn rapper. So I stick my fingers into his ass. The boy is dumber than the dumbest, but he?s got a fresh ass, fresh as only good boys have. Planning to become a star, eh? So I launch my stealth into the butt of this would-be star. He gave me a great performance with my cock in his mouth, I nearly creamed the damn room all over from laughter. A talent, no less!

SAM 02/06/2006

And again this very case. Ever fucked a person who appears to be you? You did not? And I had a chance. When I saw this wannabe star, I thought some genetic engineers decided to play a practical joke on me and sent a clone of mine. I undressed him quickly and it felt a bit easier. It felt even easier when I fucked him in the ass. I gave him a long, pleasurable fuck. Then we agreed he had to try different image, and I came into his anus. He looked a lot better this way.

SERGIO 16/08/2006

Again we present you one more guy from old models. This Italian dude really shocked some of our readers and even me. I invited him again with greatest pleasure. He really has got something and he extremely loves sex. This guy told me that he goes mad when my dick blows his tight anus and at this moment he experienced supernatural pleasure that can feel only real gay.

VASJA 20/06/2006

Oh holy crap, it?s terrible even to recall that stuff. I had this amazing boy coming, you won?t believe it, coming from cold Russia. Thin, dumb Russky Ivan. I felt terrible pity for him. Hardly understands anything, arms and legs so thin... Cried fucking him, believe me. You know, the Russian poop chute is no different from European or American. Especially when you rip into it with your eyes closed.

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