[SATYR] Ream His Straight Throat 8

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DescriptionOur main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the intensity that we get from our performers. We need the raw and the extreme. Why? Because we are men, and that's what being a man is about.

Straight guy, Toni Cali, is back for another pie hole assault. He is stuffed until his eyes bulge. Mike Hawk plows Toni's throat until the tears begin to flow. Rock then joins in and pushes his thick cock down Toni's face until he is gasping for air. The guys get Toni on the couch where they tag team him with their big dicks.

They get Toni on his back where they jam both of their cocks down Toni's gullet. Toni does the best he can with his mouth stretched to the max. Mike Hawk pushes Toni's head into Rock's hole where Toni sucks Rock's sphincter as if trying to give him a butt-hickey.

The Satyrs shoot prodigious loads into Toni's mouth where Toni proceeds to blow "cum bubbles" with their mixing semen.

Damian is a straight guy we met in Fort Lauderdale while we were on vacation. We had posted an ad for straight men willing do an oral scene for money. Damian's air conditioner in his car had just given out and he was really hard up for money. His inexperience at sucking cock becomes readily apparent as our Satyr man tries to push the cock further and further down Damian's throat.

Damian had told us that he and his girlfriends (and he has several of them) were active swingers but he had never had sex with a man. In the swinging world, the women can hook up with each other, but for men it is strictly forbidden. So for Damian to be sucking dick, much less getting throat fucked was a completely new experience for him.

Rock took full advantage of the fact that he was dealing with a virgin straight guy. He made Damian suck his balls, eat his armpits and even kiss him on the lips. Damian was a little freaked out by eating a guy's hole and taking a load in his mouth that we gave him a nice facial instead. I'm sure the next time we see him we will fuck his virgin manhole and fill it up with some nice Satyr juice. You think not! If the price is right we have found that most straight guys will take a load down their throats and up their butts. After all most men are really Satyrs at heart if given the chance.

Rock is once again in dire need of cash. He doesn't even explain why, he just serves up his mouth and throat for the next big dick. This time, the big dick belongs to Mike Hazell. This sexy, Latin man with the eight inch cock is ready to plow Rock's throat until the slobber is flowing freely. Rock tries to accommodate the big man meat. Although his throat should be accustomed to being brutalized by Satyr ramrods he still gasps and gurgles as if it's his first time. I guess the fact that he does not do this on a daily basis (he has a girlfriend) keeps always behind the learning curve.

Mike stuffs his big dick into Rock's man throat in every possible position. He evens gets Rock upside down where he stuffs his hole with 18 inches of anal balls. Rock swings back and forth like a piece of meat while he is getting stuffed from both ends. Mike then shoots a creamy load into Rock's gaping mouth. Rock swirls it around lapping it up like a fine vintage.

Tommy Blair is a young kid from Kentucky who has come to L.A. to become a star. It didn't take long for him to find his way to the Satyr Studios for his big break. We first convinced Tommy with a load of cash to allow his really straight throat to be pummeled to submission. He was quite the negotiator as this would be his very first time with a man and his first time on camera. And boy does his throat put up a fight!

Tommy had to use the bucket several times in order to get through the scene but he was really desperate for the cash and endured what seemed to be an endless exploration of his mouth by our Satyr cock. He was thrown into every position possible so that our thick dick could fill every nook and cranny of his straight throat. He cried a couple of times and was gasping for air but the gurgling would not stop. His eyes could only express the torment and possible regret he was feeling as his head was used as a punching bag by our big, fat fuck tool.

Tommy then shoves billiard balls into our Satyr hole and then rams a long 15 inch dildo until it disappears. He then sucks the dildo out with his mouth and proceeds to butt fuck our Satyr man using his own mouth as the base.

Our Satyr finally lets loose an explosion of cum that oozes out of our straight, boy Tommy's exhausted mouth. He seems to be truly stunned as the cum drips down his throat and begins to pool in his stomach. Thank god, for desperate, confused straight boys!

Kade is a young skater who broke into our apartment in San Francisco. He is a straight kid from Minnesota who has a "high-class" girlfriend who requires lots of cash to keep her happy. He had been in jail several times previous so when we found him in our apartment we gave him the option of doing a scene for us or going back to the big house. He opted instead to let us throat fuck him "briefly" instead of deal with the cops.

Rock, of course, true to form push his super thick cock down Kade's virgin throat. Kade gasped for air, gurgled and expurgated an entire energy drink. Of course, how could he know that our Satyr would fill his throat so much that his gag reflex would be working overtime?

Kade's face is dwarfed by Rock's big cock. Or is it that Rock's member is throbbing with the anticipation of throat fucking this sexy, straight man. At times, Kade pleads with Rock to stop but his debt to society needs to be paid by his mouth to our Satyr's cock. Kade shoves a couple of clear billiard balls up our Satyr hole while slobbering all over Rock's cock.

After Rock has concluded Kade's punishment he shoots his massive load into Kade's virgin straight mouth. Kade leaves with drool in his hair and a stomach full of cum but he is free to walk amongst us another day.
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