MuscleGallery Cody Lewis Teen Bodybuilder solo (Softcore/NoNude)

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Description36 Videos, each ca. 3 Minutes long  and a Gallery

Now just 20 years old, Cody Lewis returns to for his second shoot. In 2010, after Cody became the newest NPC Teenage Heavyweight Champion of the US, we flew him to Miami to shoot him in our new studio, on the beach, and at GOLD's Gym. Cody went on from there to grab further national attention when at 19, he took the Teen Overall at the 2010 IFBB North American Championships. In this update, Cody gave us a fascinating interview in which he described the hard work and dedication which brought him his current titles, winning also the Overall Championship at the 2011 Costra Contra Championships of Northern California. Cody is an upcoming star worth watching!

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