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Original upload: 2015-05-05 |
First off, I have to preface this scene by saying technically it's a semi-raw flip fuck. The guys start the scene wearing condoms and then toward the end decide to ditch them and screw bareback. Don't want any false advertising claims, so consider this your disclaimer.

That having been said, holy fucking hell has this scene been three years in the making! Poor Greyson. Be it flaky costars or costars who only wanted to top him (he's primarily a top who only recently considered bottoming), sexy GuyBone guy Greyson has had to wait from nearly the very beginning of the existence of our site to get an action scene. But if you ask him if it was worth the wait to have his first action scene be with Zeke... well, I don't have to tell you his answer would be a resounding yes, you just have to watch this scene.

These two had some chemistry. Some wild, passionate, break the box springs cause we're fucking so hard on the bed chemistry. From the word action, who are we kidding, the hot making out started before I even had the cover off the camera lens. Sucking face, groping crotches, getting each other incredibly super hard, Greyson and Zeke were ready for a wild romp in the sack.
2021-11-13 08:24:35
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