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Scent of Youth reminds me of all of the Bel Ami movies but it actually has a well developed plot, not the same old same old recipe gay sex, and hotter boys. It all begins when Lukas and his boyfriend break into an old run down mansion. Owned most likely by a gay man, since they find out that tons of young beautiful boys would always be walking around. The two boys stumble upon an old journal of some kind as they are sneaking around the house, which tells of stories involving young, Eastern European boys. The first one begins when a twinky stud is awoken by a totally tight-bodied jock that wants to taste some meat. After tons of oral action, involving a hot face fuck, the twinky stud stuns us all when he fucks his jock intruder hard and into the bed. Two more farm toned studs fuck themselves silly in the next scene, which occurs in the dining room.

Scene three involves a Ryan Phillipe look alike who plays a photographer who just can't keep himself out of the action. He is soon deepthroating the gorgeous model before they share in some mutual oral and a hot ass pounding session, which leaves us all wanting more. It all ends when the two boys jack off together spraying each other with two very thick and creamy loads. A very cold and hungry boy sneaks into the kitchen to steal some food but is caught in scene four. He is caught by the hottest boy in the movie who is eager to get on his knees and give the boy a lot more then food. Things lead up to one another and full-blown gay sex is happening all over the kitchen. Both boys literally explode in delight after a surprising fuck.

Lucas and his boyfriend are joined by a third boy, the photographer from scene three, for a hot threesome. Everyone gets their share of cock as they all get a chance to suck or get sucked. The photographer wants more then cock. He wants one of the boyfriend's ass and he definitely gets one as one of the boys takes his huge meat up his ass in another hot scene in this movie.

The storytelling boyfriends then split up for some reason as Lucas goes to lay down in a bedroom and his boyfriend goes to well, trick. The boyfriend has some hot rough action with a jock stud on a balcony then joins his boyfriend for some more fun, alone.
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