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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-12 |
One can certainly consider this 90-minute production to be the first highlight of 2009! Four fighters line up in two teams. Mark and Lukas against Jason and Shorty. The latter start off with a few gymnastics exercises, and after a few verbal exchanges the group disappear into the Fight Room where things start off immediately hard and fast. The first fight is between Lukas and Shorty. Lukas seems to be the better and stronger fighter, with Shorty finding himself often on the bottom. The two fight for nearly 30 minutes, with both boys using every possible trick to achieve victory. Next up are Jason and Mark. This is an extremely hard fight in which both opponents are quick and use good technique. More than once the fight had to be broken up because it seemed to go too far and become too dangerous. Afterwards Mark and Shorty energetically take to the mat, were the action is a little less intense and the battle fairly fought. Lukas and Jason finish the night with the final match, however once they are done there is still a small surprise; after Jason and Mark have already said goodbye, suddenly a stranger knocks at the door. Lukas, who was getting ready to change, opens the door and Boris comes in. He had heard the noise during the previous bouts and Lukas, who can't help himself, asks him for a fight! Shorty and Lukas think that the "Old Man" is not much of a challenge, but they are thoroughly mistaken. Lukas and Shorty are surprised by his aggressiveness and in the end it takes both of them to get Boris to the ground.
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