♺ BackRoomFuckers - Cum Little Piggie - Obi, Dawson Denton & Scout

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Original upload: 2015-10-25 |
Obi and Dawson Denton hit the studio for some action. Since they're both tops, this remote-controlled fuck machine is just not going to do it. In walks Scout, a happy bottom willing to "demonstrate" his worth. The three size one another up before Scout goes for a ride and Dawson gets spanked for "good measure." In this BackRoomFuckers.com video, Scout gets it from two "naturals" and a plug-in.

On his knees, the bottom is gauged for Dawson and "mouth-worthy" for Obi. When the two tops trade off, Scout is treated to a more "mature" fuck. Sprayed while he is fucked, Dawson unloads on Scout's mouth; Obi follows with a "drenching" of the boy's hole. Tugging, the bottom blows and is praised for his "abilities."

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