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SC Jamie Pack

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Jamie wants to be a Navy Seal.

He just turned 19 and will be enlisting in the service early next year.

Until then, he says, he just wants to have fun!

Jamie is very friendly and he's kind of a show off. It was his idea to do the squats in the weight room wearing nothing but a jock strap!

The big story here is that Jamie came out with his brother, whom we will be meeting shortly.

They both decided they wanted to do a video so they took the same flight out.

When I met them, they were both smiling and happy and eager to please.

We shot their videos on the same days, and they were both extra curious as to how the other was doing.

Once we got Jamie naked, our camera guy asked him:

"I've been working with your brother. You know you have bigger balls than him, right?"

(Jamie does have some big hangers!)

"Um, somewhat, yeah," he replied, shyly.

"Do you think you have a bigger cock than he does?"

"Uh, no," he laughed.

"So he's got the bigger cock and you've got the bigger balls?"


Too funny!

All videos in .mp4

Ben & Jamie Behind the Scenes.mp4
Dennis & Jamie Behind the Scenes.mp4
Dennis & Jamie.mp4
Jamie & Gabe.mp4
Jamie & Kurt Behind the Scenes.mp4
Jamie & Kurt.mp4
Jess & Jamie Behind the Scenes.mp4
Jess & Jamie.mp4
SC - Jamie.mp4
SC 1359 - Jed & Jamie.mp4
SC Jonathan & Jamie 1116.mp4
sc1057-Jamie & Alan.mp4
sc1058- Jamie and Alan Behind the Scenes.mp4
sc1086-Jamie & Esteban.mp4
sc1117 - Jonathan & Jamie - BTS.mp4
sc1205-Jamie Calvin & Oscar.mp4
sc1211-Byron & Jamie.mp4
sc1221-Jarek & Jamie.mp4
Sean Cody - Brandon & Jamie .mp4
Sean Cody - Charlie & Jamie - Behind the Scenes.mp4
Sean Cody - Charlie & Jamie.mp4
Sean Cody - JAKE & JAMIE.mp4
Sean Cody - Jamie & Brodie Flip-Flop.mp4
Sean Cody - Jonah & Jamie - sc1019-2048.mp4
Sean Cody - sc1318 - Paul & Jamie.mp4
Sean Cody 1335 - Jamie & Brodie Behind the Scenes (2011.12.01).mp4
Sean Cody Ben & Jamie sc1009-2048.mp4
SeanCody - Douglas & Jamie.mp4
SeanCody - Jordan & Jamie.mp4
SeanCody - Pierce Liev & Jamie.mp4
SeanCody - Robert & Jamie.mp4
SeanCody - SC1231 - Luke & Jamie.mp4
SeanCody - Stuart & Jamie.mp4
Yuri & Jamie - sc1047-2048.mp4

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