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DescriptionCast: Victor Racek, Ivan Andros, Michael Vincenzo, Colton Roth, Matt Sizemore, John Truett, Marc West, Breck Stewart, Bruce Warren

Scene One
Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Ivan Andros
Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I’m a sucker for scenes that take things nice and slow. Michael and Ivan are definitely in no rush here… There’s a good 5 minutes of kissing and groping before Michael’s weiner pops out. After some tasty blowjobs, Michael doesn’t hesitate to shove his tongue deep into Ivan’s hole. (There’s some awesome fingering shots here too!) Ivan sure is a cutie… not only does his have a big thick dick, but he keeps it hard the whole time Michael is plowing him. And what a cum shot! Damn! This boy’s chest is covered with spunk by the time this scene is over. Seems that Titan movies have all been starting off with a BANG lately, and Desire is no exception.

Scene Two
Starring: Matt Sizemore, Colton Roth, John Truett
Somehow, Matt has found his way into the center of attention in the oral section of this threeway. (lucky guy!) You gotta love Matt’s long lanky cock, which John manages to deep throat a number of times. John is the designated bottom in this scene, getting boned from both Matt and Colton. I would have liked to see Colton take a stiff one up his ass, but it’s still a pretty good threesome. None of these guys are what I would call “drop dead gorgeous”, but they certainly get the job done (though the “spark” from scene 1 is noticeably absent).

Scene Three
Starring: Marc West, Breck Stewart
I certainly had high hopes for this one. Marc West is a stunner: great looks, nice toned body, and a beautiful cock. But why oh why did they team him up with Breck? Breck doesn’t do anything for me. Not only is he a bit scrawny, but there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s the Howdy-Doody haircut, or those goofy side burns… I don’t know. I tried to see past Breck’s looks, since when it comes down to it, hot sex is hot sex, no matter what the participants look like. Unfortunately, it’s strictly dullsville. Marc tries to introduce some maple syrup and whip cream to spice things up, but trust me, it ain’t happening. I hope Titan brings back Marc, though. God knows we need more red-headed porn stars. And he has such white teeth, too!

Scene Four
Starring: Victor Racek, Bruce Warren
What the heck happened here? Just as Victor and Bruce are starting to heat things up in the shower, they start jerking off, and it’s over! Victor Racek in an all oral scene?!? Arrrrrrrrrgh! Oh Fate, why do you mock me so??
Final Word
Desire sure starts out hotter than hell, but seems to have a real hard time keeping that momentum throughout the film. Victor is almost completely wasted here. Why was his scene so much shorter than the others? The world may never know. Fans of Michael Vincenzo will definitely want to check this one out though… he’s downright delicious! It certainly isn’t one of Titan’s best flicks, but a mediocre Titan flick is still way more entertaining than the majority of porn out there. So if butch, hairy guys are your thing, check it out!

Running Time: 106 minutes
Director:  Brian Mills, Harold Creg

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 55 min

Year: 2001

Studio :  TitanMen

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