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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-09-19 |
With his company Big Blue Productions, director Blue Blake has set himself up as an ultimate purveyor of beefcake, often using enormous slabs of bodybuilding specimens to delight viewers with shoulders too broad to make it through doorways and thighs the size of small children each. But, with "Tales From the Treehouse," Blake gives us quite a different cast. With the exception of one player, the guys here are younger, thinner, smaller (of body only) and, in many cases, downright twinky. However, Blake handles them with the same sexual zest he did the mountain men, and "Treehouse" emerges easily his best video to date, brimming with eager performances from all of the smiling young guys involved. In his quest to cast this video with a different kind of model, Blake has aimed high -- grabbing some of today's most popular talent, and the result is a happy jumble of their unique abilities.

The narrator and tireless star of this video is Giovani Corleone, a dark-skinned Italian youth with a long face, short hair and a medium build body. Giovani tells us stories from his spacious treehouse, each of them a different sexual exploit that tends to involve him, all brimming with introductory wit courtesy of a jocular script. In the first vignette, Giovani goes to model for Happy Holes Cereal. Chad Hunt is the photographer who tells him, "You're gonna be the next Arnold," and gets Giovani stripping to prove it ("I've only been lifting weights for a few weeks," he notes, in the video's funniest line). Chad goes to take pictures of his ass, a beautifully bulbous piece set off by a large tattoo across the top, and can't resist putting his tongue in there rather than the camera. Chad really throws his entire face into this task and the camera, due to some interesting angles, manages to show the action very close, important given the fact that this is the video's first sexual act (an unlikely move that pays off). Giovani's eyes don't even pop out when presented with Chad's monster of a dick and if Giovani, sporting a tongue piercing no less, is only able to get halfway down it, he does so with spirited lust. The insertion shot of Chad's dick in Giovani's ass is priceless, with Giovani's whole lower body twitching with every inch shoved in him, but Chad slides in carefully and keeps it admirably buried in there. The fuck is best in close-up when you can really see how much is packed in. Giovani, given the task of taking Chad Hunt right up front, turns instantly from guy-next-door to grunting dick-pig. Eventually Chad lets loose a biggish load on Giovani's face and into the cereal bowl.

The next scene is the only one not to feature adorable Giovani. Attractive brunette Tony Ryan, who has a tight muscular body, a strong-featured face and a very sexy voice, is fixing a car when Troy comes out to flirt. Troy defines the kind of man Blue casts here, willowy thin with tumbling blond hair and apple-pie-loving dimpled cheeks, but absolutely massive of dick. Tony offers to let Troy see under the hood and takes this opportunity to tease his ass with his wrench (from his tool box -- the one he carries with him). Tony also starts out with some butt work here, rimming Troy and fingering him as his charge moans loudly for the neighbors, his long flaccid dick poking out teasingly. This butt-munch is also excellent and then Tony sucks voraciously on Troy's big big cock, grappling with its enormity from the onset in a show of great chemistry. His goal is obviously to deep-throat it and it's sure fun to watch him try. Tony's dick is every bit as large as Troy's ("God, it's big," Troy keeps cooing), a full-bodied left-leaner, but Troy's suck is more for personal show than partner pleasure. Troy actually does a better job when rimming Tony's muscular ass. Troy flattens himself on back of the car to get fucked by Tony, who purses his lips for anchor and ignores the faux protests of his partner to send his cock sailing into Troy repeatedly. Both seem very excited for their tasks individually, but the chemistry seems to dissipate during the fuck from what had been sensational orally. Troy does cum while being fucked and then Tony has a decent shot at the end. The next scene is the video's only real link to Blue's videos of past. Giovani tells us of his favorite football player, Rod Roddick (of COLT Studio fame). Rod is a more typical performer for this catalog, a gigantic guy with a chest that goes across three lockers, all tattooed, a handsome creased face and great veins all over his body. He showers in slow motion as the water cascades over him like he's the rocks in Niagara Falls. He dries off and jacks himself off to a dirty magazine, his upturned cock and big balls getting a fast workout.

After he's done, Giovani slips into the locker room and starts sniffing the used jockstrap. Janitor Tuck Johnson catches him and offers his own dick, a very thick piece with a wide base. Giovani, who has already had Chad Hunt, sucks on this one much more spryly. Tuck, like Giovani in the big-lip program, looks as physically tight and fantastic as ever and gives Giovani a good thrusting time at it. After some hearty kissing, Tuck rims a little and fingers Giovani some. (The fingering is shot so close up you worry that the camera might disappear into this deep hole next.) Tuck performs with his usual crinkled face intensity and he's the only performer here who gets to blow Giovani's cock, an admittedly lovely piece that deserves more attention. Tuck does this deliciously and wetly, getting all the way down and more before making Giovani stretch his ass for the camera in preparation. Tuck then literally glides into Giovani and pokes at him rather gently to start. Then suddenly, as if someone stuck a pin in him, Tuck begins to bound into him so fast you can barely see his hair flop or his butt clench with every thrust. It's an excellent fuck, better from afar than up close where the dick doesn't seem as comfortably inserted, with Tuck providing Giovani one of the video's better fucks of many good ones. Tuck has a giant spray at the end.

From his treehouse perch, Giovani can see his neighbor, Mr. Colletti. Suddenly, he can also see plucky smiling brunette Hans Ebson coming in to suck Mr. Colletti. You never see Mr. Colletti's face, although as he displays a gorgeously fit and hairy body and humongous curving cock, you certainly wish you could, just to thank him for showing it all off. But adorable Hans is more than enough for anyone, grinning widely as he sucks this treasure. Hans' blowing here is so smooth it's the sexual equivalent of ice-skating. He doesn't get to suck for very long before he asks very politely to be fucked. Mr. Colletti doesn't mind and without a word or a face, goes to do it. Hans takes every last millimeter of it, shot from every angle but full on, without anything other than words of thanks. However, soon into the fuck, Giovani can't take being a player on the sidelines and joins in. Their hairy neighbor takes a break as Giovani hunkers down to swallow up Hans' engorged cock. Of course, at this point, Giovani is used to bountiful pricks, so it's no problem for him to keep Hans in smiles. Mr. Colletti does return to the action to fuck Giovani as he continues to blow Hans. It's another fine fuck, and you'll be shouting at your TV, hoping that the camera slips up just once to show this stud's face! Hans and his hysterical German accent shoot a great load on Giovani's face and Mr. Colletti has one to be proud of right on Giovani's ass.

The last scene is a dream sequence, and a real dream of a sequence, involving Giovani's friends. Troy returns here and is joined by three of today's best superstars, Corey Summers, Noah Walker and the super-delicious ace bottom, Dylan Reece. The dream starts with all four of them kissing. Noah looks better than ever with his blond hair toned down, allowing his full lips to be his thankful defining factor. No one in porn has a better smile than dependable Corey Summers, and dark-haired Dylan is a smooth model of intensity. The oral action is so fitfully mutable here it's hard to keep track of, giving the scene a real orgy feeling, making it sizzle with the blend of these four incredible talents. Highlights include Dylan effortlessly taking all of Troy's cock in easy gulps, and then doing the same with Corey's curver, Corey opening his mouth real wide to fit in all of Noah's exceptionally massive piece, and Troy having a grand time letting his tongue loose on Dylan's pillowy ass. All four of these guys are truly on fire. It's to Blue's credit that he was able to get the combined inch parade of Corey, Noah and Troy (we never see Dylan's) into one scene, and make them all such equal players. It's no big surprise that Giovani eventually shows up (it is his dream after all). He blows Troy as Dylan and Corey attack his ass orally. There is then another burst of insatiable oral Chutes and Ladders with the addition of star Giovani and everyone is still just as sensational. The fucking is brief, but it's full of good moments. Troy fucks Giovani standing next to Corey fucking Dylan, all doing their jobs with tons of energy. Corey gives Dylan an admirably deep fuck and Troy is just plain frisky in Giovani. Noah, who does superb work, soon replaces Troy. In the rarest of rare surprises, you'll suddenly see Dylan fucking Corey. Dylan is quite a rabid little fucker, obviously having taken notes from all the excellent workouts done on his ass over the years. All of them have incredible loads for Giovani as they deliver them on his face and chest.

Notice all the little surprises and tricks I mentioned in there, from shocking tops and bottoms to cameo appearances to a thrillingly used and abused star and even a hidden performer. It seems to me that director Blue Blake had a virtual arsenal of sexual weapons he wanted to use in "Tales From the Treehouse" and managed to find room for every one of them. This could have easily turned into a hodgepodge of directorial overstamping, but instead this video benefits squarely from every trick used. Every single one of the performers is expertly chosen and expertly delivers, with a real star made in Giovani Corleone. The final quintet is positively magical, with all those performers playing together without the slightest trace of ego. The churning twink machine here seems to invigorate everyone and what is essentially a simply plotted series of vignettes turns into a virtual epic explosion of youthful talent that lasts from start to finish without flagging.

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ hXXp://www.ManNet.com ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Giovani Corleone, Chad Hunt, Troy Michaels, Tony Ryan, Rod Roddick, Tuck Johnson, Hans Ebson, Noah Walker, Cory Summers (aka Corey Summers), Dylan Reese (aka Dylan Reece) and Mr. Colletti.

Directed by Blue Blake.
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