♺ Rock Hard Wrestling (RHW) - Cliff Johnson vs Austin Cooper

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-10 |
Cliff has ended up on the losing end of his two previous tag team matches, with different partners, against Team Austin/Jake, and has been pissed off ever since. He demanded a one on one match with Austin, confident in his ability to take out the muscular tactician. Round one opens with the runway model Cliff wearing navy blue squarecuts and black boots, and Austin wearing light blue squarecuts with red piping, and black boots. Cliff walks out of his corner, confident and mean looking, asking ‘how do you feel, good’, and then flies off of his feet to deliver a double leg drop kick to Coop’s gut, which floors him immediately as he claims ‘that was a cheap shot’. Cliff starts stomping away at the lower back, and then rolls him over and starts pounding away at his six-pack midsection. Cliff continues his beat down on Coop with a choke slam to the mat, then tossing him across the ring into a clothesline, and then continues abusing his abs. Coop is able to summon up his strength and reverse the momentum, clamping a full nelson and leg scissors around the runway model’s models tight waist, applying some intense pressure and pain. He then lifts Cliff up by his hair, laces him through the ropes, and then exploits his lanky 6’1” frame with a standing surfboard that stretches the model to the max and has him grunting in pain. After Coop dishes out more punishment by stretching him out again in a crotch ripping leg split, Cliff has had enough and reverses the momentum with a quick shot to Coop’s rib cage, followed with several hard stomps to the small of his muscular back.  Cliff takes control of the match delivering an assault on Coop’s back and abs, setting him up for a tight boston crab, that Coop initially is able to fend off, but Cliff releases it, goes back to stomping away at his lower back, and then rolls him over again into another excruciating boston crab, applying all of his 175 lbs of weight on Coop’s lower back, which has him squirming and crying out in pain, until he’s forced to submit round one to the bigger runaway model. Cliff celebrates by proudly flexing his muscular body over his beaten opponent.
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