Jessy Arres fucks JR Matthews HD

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Description Jessy spits in J.R's face, using his ripped arm to cradle his bud's head. J.R. strokes their cocks together, then drops down to feast. Jessy whips his dick in J.R.'s face, spitting on him as water runs down their defined bodies. Soon pinned to the wall, J.R. gets his hole slurped, the sounds of muffled munching filling the air. J.R. gets his dick serviced as Jessy's shaft throbs. The two squirt. J.R. bends over the Jacuzzi. Jessy slides his dick inside, low shots capturing each thrust as J.R. stays hard. The bottom arches back for a kiss, then sits down on Jessy in an unforgettable sequence, J.R. on his back for more. Right as J.R. comes, Jessy feeds him fingers -- then rubs the load on the bottom's big chest before dousing him with a hot load.
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