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Raging Stallion - Ink Stain

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DescriptionInk Stain

Director : Jake Deckard
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios 
Released : 2009
Starring : Aitor Crash , Brandon X , Christopher Darling , Damian Rios , Dan Rhodes , Dr. Benway , Logan McCree , Manuel DeBoxer , Nick Piston , Ricky Sinz , Rocco Giovanni

here is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
Director Jake Deckard brings us a vision of a world crawling with inked men stained and hardened with compulsive sexual desires. Staring blankly into video screens or posed like a performance art installation, feelings are the prime motivator. Parts of Ink Stain may be a bit dark in its view, but the movie nicely delivers a screaming clutch of heavy man sex in its clutched talons.

The movie's first scene, "Dr. Love" is a bit confused. (Someone here is making an homage to the horrific Dr. Benway character in William Burrough's Naked Lunch.) Christopher Darling conducts a behavioral experiment in his dark dungeon using slaves in rapt bondage. Dr. Benway lays strapped down where he takes some moderate cock and ball torture, as well as dollops of candle wax, while Brandon X sits across the room with his eyes transfixed on a black and white television screen.
Darling is trying to scientifically condition Brandon to stop lusting after Benway. Despite the CBT, the candle wax and the video brain programming, his experiment ultimately fails. Removing his gasmask, Darling looks pretty hot - long hair, a face full of piercings and tons of body art. He gives Brandon a blow job, he then unhooks him from the video outputs.

The punk immediately goes over to Benway and blows him. Darling takes vengeance by fucking Dr. Benway doggie style, whom he keeps blindfolded.

Afterwards, he watches helplessly as Brandon enjoys sloppy seconds by screwing the good doctor as well, now untied and able to see. Brandon leaves him drenched in cum. As a coda, Darling fucks him again.

This opening episode is clearly the most avant garde of the bunch.

The second scene starts pretty off-beat as well. Damian Rios and Dan Rhodes are lovers whose heads are shrouded in black veils. They suck each other's dick through available openings for their mouths. Both guys were in Raging Stallion major 2008 film release To the Last Man

These two men are very hot, and Rhodes is a very hot top. He plows Rios long and hard. Some might find the dark "mood lighting" in this scene distracts from the sex. After their sexplay, Rhodes presents the bottom with a glass jar into which he jacks off. Rhodes follows suit, and then drinks it.

Next we find cap-wearing Ricky Sinz receiving an intense blow-job from a cute long haired rocker boy named Rocco Giovanni. Giovanni's smooth, tan skin and quiet bad boy attitude reminds us a bit of another Raging Stallion model from several years back: Cory Koons. Laying back on a low mid-century red leather couch, and with a motorcycle parked on a raised platform behind them makes this the most pedestrian looking of the entire film's set-ups.

Watching Sinz go to town on Giovanni smooth boy butt is one of the film's hottest visuals. He plows the kid in lots of great positions. At point, Giovanni throws his long legs far apart up in the air while getting drilled.
Sinz douses his backside in gooey, white cum.

Things keep heating up when Nick Piston bumps into Spanish stud Aitor Crash as what is presumably a bar. The two share smoking a cigarette and a beer before Piston makes his move. Piston has always been a fascinating figure to watch, effortlessly dripping a studded baritone sexuality, which is why the studio headlined in The Red and the Back several years earlier.
Kissing and groping lead to Piston giving a nice blow-job to Crash's beautiful uncut cock. After this rousing bit of face fucking, Crash gets behind Piston to throw him the grand slam. At one point, the two switch positions and we get to see Piston's own big balls tapping against Crash's backside. This sequence is far too brief.

Soon, Piston is riding Crash some more, and easily jacking himself off to orgasm.

A lone goldfish in a bowl watches the movie's final pairing - Logan McCree and Manuel DeBoxer (The Drifter). McCree enjoys a tender one-on-one with the hairy DeBoxer, who the studio is promoting now as one of their exclusives, fucking him at length, often pinching his own nipples. Deckard spectacularly captures McCree's fucking skills at all the great angles.

Deckard accomplishes filming sexual situations in a sci-fi/punk style that Chi Chi LaRue never really was able to capture.
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