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John Bruno


Brandon Irons, Jay Armstrong, Rob Ramos, Robert Van Damme, Tod Parker, Todd Maxwell


Hard Mechanics 2: The most anticipated sequel to Massive Studio's biggest hit is finally here! Ace Hanson is the owner of a dirty garage where he and his hot mechanics give new meaning to the term 'full service'. Get ready for more muscle, more grease and more men in Hard Mechanics 2.

A DVD Review by Butch Harris ( http://www.ManNet.com )

Tires, though uncredited, are a fixture in this tale of horny mechanics and the men who lust after them. The tires show up in every scene, including one in a shower (I kid you not). All kidding aside, "Hard Mechanics 2" outdoes the original, even though Chris Steele is nowhere to be found. Ace Hanson, mountain of muscle and long of eyelash, is the tough-talking shopkeeper this time around and must contend with a snooty customer, Brandon Irons, in the hackneyed set-up. You know the drill: testy customer gets his comeuppance (and cum-shot) in the end. But that doesn't happen until the finale, so we are treated to the cocky mischief of the other sex-crazed mechanics along the way.

Mechanic Jay Armstrong is a smooth fella with an easy grin. Customer Todd Maxwell is not charmed by Jay's smile or gum chewing, though. He barks out service complaints (gum was found stuck on his upholstery, among other horrors) before Jay tosses him around a bit. They trade blows, Todd going into a trance of sorts as he goes about his task, throating Jay's beauty of an upward-curver, and Jay gets his licks in on Todd sturdy member. Jay fucking Todd follows, atop a stack of tires, missionary. Todd tosses his load, and then Jay stands over him and gives him a facial.

Mechanics Tod Parker and Robert Van Damme take a break and go ape for each other, grab-assing and sucking face. Tod is a muscular strawberry-blond with a ruddy complexion and dimple in his chin. He also has a great ass and thick cock. And Robert is no slouch when it comes to muscles, he's built like Adonis, and is movie-star handsome with jet-black hair. Robert drops to his knees to suck Tod's fat dick, slurping it down eagerly, he then chows down on Tod's hairy asscrack, Tod moaning and moaning and moaning (and Robert has a funny way of bobbing his head from side to side as he's licking Tod's hole). Prepped, Robert slides his big cock in, fucking Tod over a worktable, excellent camerawork from underneath captures the butthole being invaded quite nicely, thank you very much. Brandon Iron, the irate customer, stumbles upon the fucking duo and joins them to help things along, sucking their cocks and such as Robert continues to plow Tod's ass, now missionary, as overhead cameras capture the fucking. Excellent.

Greasy and sweaty from the serious pounding he just took from Robert, Tod heads to the in-house showers to clean up. He bumps into Latino pretty-guy Rob Ramos there and, obviously still horny, shoves his dick in Rob's mouth without delay. Rob is a greedy cocksucker, swallowing Tod's thick meat to the balls with each trip. Tod is more tentative when he goes down on Rob, but does a good job, staring at the dick lovingly each time he pulls it out of his jaws. Rob rims Tod's just-fucked-but-now-washed asshole, making the big guy moan with delight as Robert had earlier. Here, though, Tod takes Rob's ass atop a stack of tires (see, I told you), doggy and missionary, really hitting that G-spot it seems as he fucks the cum out of him in the end. Tod stands over Rob and dumps his load.

Now for the surprise ending: the irate customer (that would be Brandon Irons), makes love, not war, with the belligerent mechanic (that would be sexpot Ace Hanson). After the requisite you're-not-as-big-an-asshole-as-I-thought banter, they get down to business, kissing and staring into each other's eyes as though love is in bloom. Or something like that. But before they can live happily ever after, cocksucking and butt-fucking needs to occur, so Brandon kneels down and sucks the smell off of Ace's pecker. Ace's body looks sensational here, legs splayed open as he sits on a stool, Brandon hard at work. Ace does equally enthusiastic work, deep-throating Brandon's cock with aplomb. Ace fucks Brandon missionary and doggy, and then Brandon slides into Ace missionary. Ace really seems to enjoy getting plugged, staying hard throughout as Brandon increases the speed of his thrusts, eventually pulling out and spilling his seed. Ace, for his part, lords over Brandon to cum, squirting his messiness all over Brandon's mug.

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***
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