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DescriptionThe first match features raven-haired beauty Kyle Bradford in a skimpy Speedo wrestling K.C. Hunter. Hunter is all decked out in some kind of an SM leather thingie. These guys wrestle for real, with Bradford maintaining the upper hand throughout the match. Like all of the "matches" the majority of the time is spent with the guys actually wrestling. Towards the end of the event Bradford strips off his Speedo and uses it to gag his opponent. Eventually, Hunter is forced to suck Bradford’s beefy cock. Things heat up a bit from there but remain strictly oral.

Match two stars porn vet Jason Branch, looking as great as ever in a pair of tight silver short-shorts. Branch wrestles a muscular mophead named Al Rico. Rico is wearing a sock or a Speedo, which gloriously accentuates his cock and balls. These guys wrestle with as much vigor as Bradford and Hunter but pay more attention to one another’s cocks. This scene features a lot more sexual innuendo, with the guys dry humping, tit punching, and ball stretching. Throughout this bout it is anyone’s guess who is going to come out the winner. Watching Branch’s dick stiffen in his shorts makes the viewer the winner! At one point Branch ties Rico’s balls up with a shoestring and gives them a litany of hard slaps. Branch finally milks a hearty load out of his opponent. This scene will definitely appeal to those of you looking for a little C & B torture with your wrestling.

The final two matches both star Kris Rok and Dino Serra. Both men are cute and look extraordinary in their singlets. These guys are not in the ring, but wrestle instead on a mat, just like the bygone days of junior high gym class. Lots of scissors holds and aggressive punching pepper their match. Both of these performers are extremely lithe and as flexible as gymnasts making their antics on the mat all the more exciting.
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