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New patient, Stefan Terrace is at the office for his annual examination. His last physical was two years ago for sports. During his school years, Stefan was active in football, basketball and track. Questioning him about his position, I guessed correctly that he played the position of running back for his school team. His exams for sports were typically down at the school in the field house. He does smoke cigarettes however, a pack will last him about 10 days and his alcohol use is kept to a minimum. To begin his exam, I have Stefan strip down to his boxers.

Overall Stefan was a pretty relaxed patient (which I need every once in awhile). He allowed me free access to examine his genitalia and I took the liberty of a prolonged examination of his uncut penis which included tugging on, stretching and peeling back the foreskin. His prostate examination was completed with relative ease and when asked, I found out that he had a previous prostate examination during an exam when he was 17 years old.

More credit to Stefan, another ¡§sore¡¨ spot is the urethral sample. He allowed me to take the collection with relative ease and only gave me a bit of facial grimace in the form of resistance. The final specimen of the day was more to his liking and with aloe vera gel to nourish and lubricate, Stefan took to the task most readily. When he was fully aroused, I was able to return to take an accurate measurement of his erection which I noted to be 7 inches in length.

A few moments later, Stefan sat upright, grabbed the collection dish and deposited his creamy specimen for the lab to test.
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