Military Classified - Conner and Norco

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Description HOW IT WENT DOWN

Today is a special day because I've finally brought together two HUGE cock studs under one roof and Rob is the recipient of 18 inches of hard cock in one sitting. CONNER who you all know is teaming up with NORCO, one of the newest additions to the MC lineup. Today CONNER and NORCO not only take end up fucking Rob but get into some of their own funny business with some sucking and tugging between themselves.. watch!

Now when the guys arrived to my studios they were both early. Very rarely do I get guys reporting for work here early but these two did. I had them fill out their applications and paperwork then we made our way to the living room where we got started with the photo shoot.

Next we made our way downstairs to my bedroom where I had everything set up and ready for the shoot. I had Conner and Norco sit on the bench and turned on some porn before we got started. I had them talk a little about girls, pussy, and how much they AREN'T getting laid so I knew they were horned up and good to go. I made them suck each other off one at a time but them I added myself to the mix by making it a 3 way suck fest on both sides.

The sucking went on and on and before long Conner was sucking on Norco's cock at the same time I was sucking Conner's cock also. Then we flipped it around and Norco started sucking on Conner's cock and at the same time I began sucking Norco's cock at the same time. Everyone was sucking everyone's cock and it was pretty fucking hot!

Fucking came next and Norco sat on the bench as Conner stood up and greased up his 9 inch cock as he slid it inside beginning to fuck my ass little by little. Conner began to pick up the pace and fuck my ass even harder. Conner was fucking like a porn star and I could tell it wouldn't be long before this boy blew his load. In the end that's exactly what happened.. Conner blew his load on my ass, Norco blew his load all over my hand and I got pounded senseless to make this video hot! Enjoy guys!
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