Falcon - Spring Training

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DescriptionSpring Training
distributor Falcon Studios released 1985 length 75 vendor id FVP046
category General Hardcore
studio Falcon Studios
rating out of 4 **
produced ?
location U.S.
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Bull Mathews
Jeff Converse
Joe Savage
Michael Wayne
Ricky Turner
Scott Avery
Tad Brady
Tom Mitchell
source: promotional material
Training like you've never seen it before!
John W. Rowberry. Gay Video: A Guide to Erotica. : Mark-One, 1986 pg. 50
"Lights, Camera, Action!" Studflix Vol. 4 No. 3 Feb. 1986 pg. 4 (Notes)
"Spring Training" Studflix Vol. 4 No. 3 Feb. 1986 pg. 30 (Pictures)
Bill Baumer. "Fast Forward" Mandate Vol. 12 No. 3 Jun. 1986 pg. 56 (Review)
"New Releases" Studflix Vol. 4 No. 5 Aug. 1986 pg. 18 (Review)
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scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Michael Wayne, Ricky Turner
Michael Wayne is out running and stops at his friend Rick Turner’s place to pick up his bike. Rick invites him to use the sauna that he has. Things really heat up in the sauna when Rick asks Michael if he has ever had a blow job from another guy. Michael hasn’t but doesn’t refuse Rick when he asks politely if he can suck his cock. When they’re done in the sauna Rick and Michael clean up with a shower shot in the bathroom…filling their asses and spraying them out.

2. Tom Mitchell At, Scott Avery Ab
Coach Tom Mitchell is giving Scott Avery handball lessons when this scene opens in the lockerroom. When they hit the showers Scott comments on Tom's big rock hard dick. Tom informs him that it's all because of Scott's nice ass. Tom starts telling Scott what to do in the showers without any hesitation from Scott. Coach Bull Matthews (in a non-sexual role) watches Tom fuck Scott unknown to the both of them.
found in compilation Drive It Deep!, Falcon Bareback 29

3. Michael Wayne At, Ricky Turner Ab
Michael Wayne and Rick turner leave the sauna and are sitting outside in the hot tub. Rick can't get enough of sucking Michael's dick and moves onto tonguing his jock asshole. All of this gets Michael so turned on that he just has to fuck him on the edge of the hot tub.

4. Tom Mitchell At, Bull Mathews At, Tad Brady Ab
Bull Matthews runs into Tom Mitchell in the cafeteria and lets him know that he saw what went on in the showers the other day. Tad Brady comes into the cafeteria and Tom tells Bull that he fucked Tad last week. Bull makes eye contact with Tad and Tad can’t ignore the lump in Bull’s shorts. Tad wants to blow Bull so Tom locks the door to the cafeteria. Tad is put onto a cafeteria table and easily works off the soda and chips he had as the bottom boy for Tom and Bull.
found in compilation Locker Jocks (compilation)
found in compilation Young Men of Falcon
found in compilation Bare Banging Buddies: Falcon Bareback 27

5. Joe Savage Atb, Jeff Converse Atb
Jeff Converse is out running the trails when he passes Joe Savage. When he finishes his run he is sitting on his front porch when Joe runs by. Jeff invites him to take a break. After exchanging pleasantries, they decide to exchange blow jobs. Joe makes it clear to Jeff that he wants to fuck him good, but first Jeff has some work to do. After Jeff is fucked it's his turn to stick it to Joe.
found in compilation The Lumber Yard
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition
found in compilation Fuck Me Raw 1 (Falcon)

6. Scott Avery Ab, Tad Brady Ab, Bull Mathews At
Back at school students Scott Avery and Tad Brady are having fun sucking each others dicks when they are caught in the act by coach Bull Matthews. Coach lets them know who is in charge and soon has them both lined up and bent over for him. Being the good students that they are, Scott and Tad do as told.
found in compilation Blonds Balling Raw, Falcon Bareback 20
found in compilation Bareback Classics 1

action notes:
A=Anal; b=bottom; t=top;
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