breederfuckers Kickboxer

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Tough cage fighter drugged unconscious, stripped naked and perved over by two sleazy men. Frottage, sleeping mouth fucked, cock sucked till it's hard, and arse fingerfucked hard and deep.

Watching the tough cage-fighters down at the local MMA gym gives me an idea. Picking out the hottest one of all I tell him I need his help beating up a guy named 'Dave'... showing the guilible twat an envelope stuffed with cash, he's all mine.

With John Knocked out cold, I have no holds barred access to his unconscious body. His cock lies naked, exposed, begging to be toyed with.

Dave takes his turn sucking the unconscious boys member as I dip my own raging hardon into the man's inviting open mouth followed by my finger shoved into his arsehole, driven deep into his warm guts. His virgin arse grips my fingers - a nice tight fuck when the cunt wakes up...
2021-01-10 17:30:20
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