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I think this one might be a little oversize for a file but that is the way the distributor gave it to us and I try to change as little as possible when it comes to that.

The exception might be the ones I have brightened up, a trick I did try with this one, but it was not much of a success.  In short, it degraded far too much.

Since not all of the movie is not as dark as the last scene, I half suspect that is how it was taped.
Porn studios still had some catching up to do to mimic the work of the mainstream, but it is easy to forgive as not all start off from the same point.  Like any of us, we learn as we go.

My personal suggestion: Turn up the brightness on your monitor and/or TV set when you get to that part.

I do like the plot and mix of stud and twink (chicken in those days) actors this one.
And they even gave it a reasonable attempt to give it a plot, and not a bad one either.

I think it will pass muster for most of you.

If you want a little sneak peek, you can view a little trailer I made streamed from my own site here: hxxp://tinyurl.com/fh-cany-prvw-stream

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Full House [Canyon Studios-Vidco Video-Bijou]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/VidcoVideoSummary.html (Index only)


It's another Animal House when these eight young studs take over the house.

Roommate living was never this hot and sweaty before!

Horned-up college boys make themselves at home in a frathouse that makes Animal House look tame.

Residents like hairy, muscular Chad Johnson and Matt Jones do a little more than just "working out" on the back porch. Peter King sneaks up on them with a video camera to film their every lick and pound of their puds.

Meanwhile, Dane Ford and his new lover Calvin Worth kiss tenderly in the bedroom, suck each other off and 69 'til their cum runs dry.

As a part of their long workout, Matt sucks Chad while he's still wearing a jockstrap. Later, Peter joins his present and former lovers, Dane and Chaz, in a grand three-way finale.


Horny house guests make themselves at home in this frat house that makes Animal House look tame!  Residents like hairy, muscular Chad Johnson and Matt Jones do a little more than just "working out" on the back porch.

Dane Ford and Calvin Worth appear in scene one, which takes place in a bedroom. Dave and Calvin start out kissing in bed; then Calvin starts to suck Dane's cock. They both soon end up in a 69 position with each other, eating each other's asses out. As Dane jacks off, Calvin continues to lick his ass and balls. Dave turns Calvin over onto his hands and fucks him with quick jabs as Calvin moans and groans. Good tender action with good cum shots.

Peter King, Chad Johnson, and Matt James appear in scene two, which takes placed on the back porch and in the bedroom. While Chad and Matt are doing their workout program, Peter sneaks up on them with his camera and tries to film them without their knowing about it. Unknown to Peter, they already know. Chad and Matt start off with some heavy petting and kissing. Soon Matt is sucking Chad's cock while Peter plays with himself. Matt continues to suck Chad's cock while he is still in his jockstrap. Chad flips Matt over onto his back and fucks him. The action between Chad and Matt seems very routine to mechanical, but the cumshots are good: they are big and wet.

Matt Hawks and Jon Stratton appear in the scene three, which occurs in the bedroom. The scene begins with Jon sucking Matt and soon they do a quick strip; Matt is doing the sucking and kissing. Jon goes back to sucking Matt's cock and then moves to licking his balls and ass; then it's Matt's turn to return the favor. They soon end up in a 69 position. Matt ends up fucking Jon with quick movements. The cum shots are short for Matt, but still good, while Jon has a good, long cum shot.

Peter King and Chaz Holderman (very well-endowed) appear in scene four, which takes place in front of a fireplace. The start off by drying themselves after a plunge in the hot tub. Peter starts to kiss Chaz and soon ends up sucking him. Chaz soon trades places with Peter and starts to suck him off . After a little while, Chaz starts to fuck Peter on his back, and then on his hands on knees. Very tender action, with good wet cum shots.

Peter King, Dane Ford and Chad Johnson appear in scene five, located in a bedroom. Peter and Chad start to make out, with Peter kissing Chad while he jacks off. Chad soon starts to suck Peter. Watching in the background is Dane Ford, who now comes into the action by sucking on Chad's cock. They change positions, and Peter now suck Chad while Chad sucks Dane. Dave turns Peter over and starts to fuck him, while Chad looks on. Dave changes places with Peter and soon has Chad's cock up his ass. Dane sucks Peter while he is getting fucked. Chad continues to fuck Dave with a fury. The cum shots are good with lots of moans and groans.

Living with roommates was never this hot and sweaty before.

Good production values and some corny dialogue.

Stars: Matt Jones, Dane Ford, Calvin Worth, Chad Johnson, Peter King (Re: AEBN)/Calvin Worth, Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, Dane Ford, Jon Stratton, Matt Hawks, Matt Jones, Peter King (Re: GEVI)

Director(s): Lee Stern (AEBN) and/or William Richhe (GEVI)

Released: 1986


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