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Bradley over to have some beer, something to eat, and to watch the game – only they feed him their dicks instead. They passed his mouth around like it was a joint and made sure that their cocks went all the way down his throat. The bitch took it all while they busted nut after nut in his ass and left him with a milky cum mustache!

Tyler keeps a raging stiffie going, not only when getting his turn on Anthony's anus, but also when he sits down on Cody's dick. The handing-off of Anthony's bottoming to Tyler is so gradual, it's excellent. The high point comes when the cocaine-fueled Anthony, who'd been smoking a cigarette watching Tyler get fucked, hops on for sloppy seconds. By the time Tyler's bottoming, the remaining coke that had been on the table has dissapeared.

Dayton O'Connor in the role of narrator, who first comes across his fraternoty brothers Zach Alexander and Ayden doing it in bed, which he quietly watches from afar. By the time they've finished trading lurid blow-jobs, the guy sleeping next to them is awakened

Benny G looks pretty drunk announcing that he wants Jackson Klein to slide his trouser snake up into his manhole. One should probably be fairly inebriated to actively seek the horsehung FraternityX veteran up their ass. Benny proves his alcoholic state by waving around the beer cans.
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