Hard to come by, mp4

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Studio:  Fox Studio

Year:  1985

Duration:  75 minutes

Director:  John Coletti

Performers:  Dave Lash, Glenn Steers, Jimmy Metz, Michael Christopher, Rick Donovan, Teddy Brickle, Todd Martin, Tom LeDuc


Then there was Todd Martin, the enlisted Marine whose time was regulated by the Corps making it hard for him to commit time for this production. So when Jimmy Metz told us that he had decided to go all the way in this next production we had to put Todd aside, we couldn't gamble. So looked for the biggest cock we could find, after all Jimmy was gonna suck and hopefully fuck. Well, we found a whopper with a body no less! He had worked for Colt and was literally drooling for Jimmy. But his cock was so big that we felt there was room for another, Tom LeDuc proved the likely candidate. Tom plays the part of a boxer who gets distracted by some masturbating his huge cock while watching Tom practice his punches. Tom succumbs to the enormous meat and opts to take this cock to his body. Meanwhile, Jimmy Metz, while shoring up the roof peers down on the engaging sex on the deck below and pops a hard on. Jimmy climbs down the ladder and and welcomely joins in the sexual feast giving his all. As for our cover model Todd Martin, we did get him matched with Eric _________ of Falcon fame. Todd did well as the sleeping stud who gets woken up by a blow job. But that is not the end of it. Originally shot and edited on 16mm film.

Hard to Come By is one of Fox Studio's classics in the true sense of the word. From massive solos heralding even more massive cumloads, to mega-beefy fuck scenes, this pre-condom flick (which was originally shot on film) is a must for lovers of beef, mustaches, and butch trade carrying a load of meat and potatos (cock and balls) between their legs. No dialogue to speak of, but you won't miss it. Overall, a really good flick definitely worth seeing. 

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