♺ Clair Production - Allez les bleu! (aka Soccer Fuckers or Screwballs)

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Full vid. French.

Play ball! Better yet, I wish these cuties would play with my balls! Director Moussu lets loose a bevy of young Hungarian ball-juggling and ball-swallowing hunkaballoos. If you have any type of affectation for the gorgeous, the uncut and the jock-like, look no further. With no music (and no subtitles either, so the plot is anyone's guess) this is easily one of the year's best foreign releases. No, it ain't all that original, but the sex here gets so intense at times it had me from the get-go. I only wish the cast was credited somehow, because some of these guys are fucking amazing looking. (Regular porn hounds will recognize a few faces and/or cocks.)

The film opens with a soccer team coach instructing his young team in the classroom. Three of the guys start horsing around in class, leafing through a girlie mag (if these boys are straight then I'm Bette Davis). After class lets out, the three go at it - full deep-throatings and butt bangings right on the desks. Not insanely rough, just good, passionate and with mega gusto. Decent cumloads.
Next up is the flick's weakest scene: Two guys stumble upon each other in the lockerroom, undress, beat off, one leaves before the other blows his wad, the one left behind gets dressed... and we watch. (And the point of this is?...) At least it goes by quickly.

The third scene rocked. A beefy masseuse is rubbing down two young bucks, one smooth, the other with a terrificly hairy chest, legs, and bunghole. The rubber-man leaves, leaving the two rubbees to make do - and make dew. Tons of deep kissing, moaning, and groaning nearly made me blow my load along with the guys. Harshly lit, the scene still works to stiffen your resolve, so to speak. Masseur man returns after the guys have "come and gone", and proceeds to show us his killer chest, pecs and beefstick as he whacks his sack - all the while sniffing the just-spilled-upon linens. Yum.
A threeway on the lockerroom bench is next, and features one of the thickest and most startling cumshots of the season. Also with tons of kissing, groping, rubbing, and a terrific group suck, this scene whirled me. After one guy blows, two others move to the background and continue to play with their soccer balls and bats. Deep kissing and rubbing ends the scene.
Next up we're treated to five minutes or so of the guys on the practice field (they all look like real players, so sports fans - take note). We move inside to the shower stall, where three yummy boymen are cleaning their pipes. Not to read the guys, but their sticks ain't all that big. Know what? It actually was hot as shit watching three "normally hung" guys rub their dub-dubs. No fucking here, but some great cumshots.

The last scene is the best, and makes the flick. Simple yet hot: two obviously into each other teammates are kissing, smiling, laughing, and groping away in the bathroom. Another teammate spies on them for a bit and rubs his stick (where he goes is unclear - who cares, the scene is great!). Moaning galore, deep kissing, painful facial expressions upon entry, and the young bottom literally hanging onto the faucets for dear life as he gets plowed - yeah! The top ends up blowing his load all over the bottom's face (nearly an oral shot) who then slides down, hangs onto the top's legs, and brings himself off. Score!
A simple premise is given a great treatment here. With no music at all, solid and beautiful boymen totally into the sex, and with more moaning and groaning than at the premiere of a Britney Spears soda commercial, Screwballs will get you off with a big ol' smile.
-- Keeneye Reeves

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