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Kolbenfresser (Smoking Pistons), Eingelocht (In the Hole), Fuck Fiction, Matchmaker, Luthando, Deep, Men Factory, Tim's Tool, Fanatics, and Berlin Privat 3

Fred, who grew up in the country and as young boy dreamed one day of becoming a fireman, first appeared in front of a camera with his partner Gil in BERLIN PRIVAT 3. In his second film, EINGELOCHT, he got to fully enjoy his uniform fetish – once again together with Gil as two nasty wardens who take advantage of a young detainee.
In his private life, Fred never has sex without his partner, with whom he lives in Paris for the past 15 years. Like in the films, though, the two often prowl the bars looking for a third to join in on the fun. Fred likes small, muscular men. Tattoos and piercings provide an additional kick. In KOLBENFRESSER, his first film without Gil, he got all of this and more. He even wanted to expand the script to include another sex scene, with himself, of course. We unfortunately had to decline this time.born
Fred enjoys watching porn – especially those with masculine men and extreme situations. His personal favorite is AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES with Thom Barron.
Since, like most Frenchmen, he loves to eat and eat well, Fred swims and dives a lot to stay fit. You can meet him in his favorite cities Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin. Who knows, maybe he'll be looking for the lucky third

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