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DescriptionArad is a hot and muscular model who made his porn debut last August. He has 4 sex scenes released so far fucking Colt Rivers, Jordan Evans, and two orgy scenes Cock Tales & Casino Night.

Is he straight or gay? Single or taken? What?¡¥s his fetishes? What?¡¥s the craziest place he have sex? Let?¡¥s learn more about him in my exclusive interview with Arad and check out his latest sex scene: Arad fucks Pierce Hartman.

Please introduce yourself, how old are you, where are you from?
I am 25 years old and live in New York.

What?¡¥s your ethnicity?
I am Persian.

You have amazing body! What is the sexiest part of your body and why?
To be honest, all of it, I like every part I work hard on it and I enjoy looking at it..but also I always can improve : )

How did you come up with your porn name ?¡ãArad?¡À?
Different, short and sweet.

Are you gay, straight, or bi? Single or taken?
Gay and single.

Do you watch porn? If so, what kind of porn do you like to watch? Any fetishes?
Not really, I like to fantasize in my head?- I do like feet.

Do you have any porn stars do you want to work with?
Markie More.

Arad Bodybuilder

Tell us things fans didn?¡¥t know about you but you think they will be surprised to know.
I like to compete in body building and physique shows. I like young looking face and feet.. hehehe

What do you think about your scene partner Colt Rivers? What do you like most about him?
He is a nice guy, and good performer.

Any memorable or funny stories that happened behind the scenes on set of Next Door Studio?
Not really but then the staff and crew are very chill and funny, everyone at Next Door Studios is down to earth and funny it makes it easy to shoot.

Do you prefer to top, bottom or versatile?
Top only baby.

What?¡¥s your favorite sex position?
All of them I just love to top and fuck.

How often do you have sex and jerk off?
I don?¡¥t jerk off that much, I prefer to have sex. sometimes I don?¡¥t have sex or jerk off for up to 2 weeks, specially during body building competitions.

Where?¡¥s the craziest place you ever have sex?
In a locker room at the beach.

How can your fan reach you? Are you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?
Facebook or Instagram under Arad Winwin.
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