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He's So Big - Blue Pictures

Year Produced: 2004

The coverboy packs a mouthwatering manpleaser here, and some of the other cocks are nice eye candy as well. If you understand Portuguese, that's a plus as the guys talk dirty to each other frequently. The opening setup is a club where the coverboy puts on a strip show with another cute dancer, leading into a sexual performance between the two. Our well-endowed star gets sucked off, then fucks his co-star on the bare stage floor. I was hoping to see that hefty piece spray like a fire hose, but just a dribble of a cumshot onto the bottom�s pubes ends this scene.

Out of the club and into a bedroom we glimpse two studs hot for each other, building up from hungry cocksucking to hard riding fucking with spit on the hole adding a bit of raunch. The end with cumshots was a bit drawn out with much stroking to get results.

Threeway action next. Two dark skinned boys use their ass pleasing meat to take care of their big-bottomed friend, then one of the top boys goes versatile and gets his ass fucked. All cocks release a spurting treat on the big guy.

A handsome stud relaxes with a bubble bath before ringing two fuckbuds from the club to join him in the bedroom. Cocksucking and hole probing tongues get things ready, then our host is pounding butt, but soon feels the urge for cock and hikes his pretty ass in the air to get filled before laying back for a cumbath.

Next is a short scene in a tub. No ass fucking here, just some sword swallowing and finger probing, but when one guy jerks his load out, it's truly impressive with a 10-burst volley of creamy goodness shooting out. The tub is used again in the next scene as well; a 3-way with two dark skinned guys and a lighter skinned bottom. The bigger cocked of the two gets to do the fucking, while his friend stays on the sidelines jerking it.

The finale has the return of the big dicked coverboy with a new guy blowing that thing up to size for a stairwell ass fucking. In the earlier scene, that monster didn't give an impressive cumshot, so the hope was it would make up for it here with a blasting climax, but again, just an ooze of jizz out of the pipeline.

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