StraightHell - Guy Session 5 to 9 including interview

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DescriptionSession 5:
Arms tied behind his back and ball-gagged, made to strip himself, erect dick dance, vibrator inserted up his arse, nipple torture, cock & balls strung up with bowling ball weight
Turned into a dunce, Guy has to perform a humiliating strip tease. Clutching his hairy naked body in my arms I make him erect and shove a vibrating dildo up his arse so far his face crumples in pain.
He whimpers and his toes curl with the dildo pushed in up to the hilt. But I want to see him really squirm and get it through his thick skull that he's not here for pleasure.
His dick and nuts are roped up and weighted down with a heavy bowling ball. His breath races and he's painfully aware every second that his genitals are fully under my control.

Session 6:
Tickle tormented, limbs bound, dog training, crawl painfully across the floor, cock worship, made to extract a buttplug from a man's arse with his mouth, arsehole licking, drink piss.
Guy stands in the centre of the room with his masculine hairy body fully on display. Dave digs his fingers into all his sensitive furry crevices tickling the lad. It may look like fun and games, but Guy's smiles turn into a rictus grin as the sensation is absolutely agonizing and he collapses to the floor squirming with pain.
Commanding and cruel, Dave turns this straight cunt into a lowly pathetic dog who must crawl humiliatingly along the floor on all 4s, drink urine from a dog bowl, play fetch, lick Dave's nob and hunt for a butt plug snugly planted up his arse. Humiliated and broken Guy is left shaking with shame and covered in piss.

Session 7:
Rope bondage, arse flogged, hairy body oiled, arsehole fingered, funnel inserted up his arse, ice water enema, made to suck cock and rim arse, bastinado.
For this straight man the tension of knowing what's to come is painful and acute. With his hairy legs tied midair, Guy's arse is covered only by his tight white pants. Dave whacks his bottom and reveals the throbbing red marks he's created. His hairy body gleams nicely after being coated in oil.
A speculum is inserted up his arse to hold a funnel in place so his anal cavity can be filled with cold water. A butt plug holds the freezing liquid inside him and we refuse to release it until he learns how to serve his masters properly by sucking cock, rimming male arsehole and containing his screams as the sensitive soles of his feet are whipped.

Session 8:
Arse screwed by a fuck machine, spanked, boot worship, cock and balls bound, turned into a cock sucking whore, naked body bathed in ice water.
Guy is threatened with more ice up his arse if he doesn't sit back on a dildo. When it's lodged deep up his rectum Adrian turns the machine on so he gets a long persistent fucking.
This macho straight fucker is trained to kiss our boots and make Adrian hard by orally servicing his cock.
He desperately sucks Adrian's shaft while his arse is steadily pounded and begs to be fucked.
His slave skills aren't up to snuff so we cover his naked broken body with ice.

Session 9:
Held in stocks, bare handed spanking, flogged and caned, fucked with a vibrating dildo on a stick, made to swallow a big cock until he gags, spit roasted, face and hairy arse covered in cum.
We get medieval on Guy's arse locking him into stocks in nothing but his tight white underwear.
Adrian verbally humiliates him while exposing his hairy arsehole. His arse burns a painful red from Adrian's persistent flogging.
The guys tag team fucking this straight cunt's arse, making him taste their dirty cocks after they lodge them up his tight hole.
It makes us so horny seeing his face twist away in disgust as we cover him with cum.
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