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EL - Ricky Hampton

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DescriptionI’ve put the 6 videos I have of Ricky Hampton in one pack.  It is a big file so it will take some time to upload.

1) Cheeky Straight Blond Lad Ricky Shows Off His Body & Massive 9 Inch Cock! - 26 Minute Video

Ricky is a really confident young lad - chirpy and cheeky - a personality that really shines in the shoot and great to have in front of the camera. He's a really handsome guy - a little stubble, wide and easy grin, and stunning blue eyes. His body is naturally muscular, just a little light hair on it, and just a couple of tattoos on his arms. Hiding in his boxers is a rather large uncut cock, he clearly loves showing it off, and even as the boxers come off its starting to harden! He plays with it and it gets really quite large and thick, he also pulls back his legs and shows us his smooth hole - I hope one day we can explore that further! Ricky shoot s a big load but is a sprayer rather than shooter - sprinkling himself in his man juice!

2) Straight Cheeky Hung Stud Ricky Gets 1st Man Wank & Explodes Big! - 28 Minute Video

Ricky is one of our most confident models, he's chatty, bubbly and got a great body as well; stunning blue eyes, a handsome face and a muscular body. And Cameron's here today to help show off that body as much as possible! Ricky strips down for Cameron to give him a special EL massage! Ricky's uncut cock is magnificent - solid, long and thick and Cameron's a lucky lad to be playing with it. Ricky shows off his bum too - Cameron helps to pull his bum cheeks apart. Ricky shoots a nice load over himself, seems quite happy to be wanted by another man!

3) Cheeky Straight Ricky Pumps his Hole for the 1st Time & Explodes! - 26 Minute Video

Ricky is a bold and loud, cocky straight lad who loves a bit of attention and shines in front of the camera as a result. He's always been happy to be pushed, and we thought we'd test him by suggesting to him a bit of dildo fun, and he went for it! He's goes into it very relaxed, and sits back on the bed and lubes up his hole, and then slides in the dildo, soon pumping it back and forth. His cock is solid in his other hand, and he wanks it as he works his arse, rolling his eyes back in his head with the intense feeling of it all! So intense that he cums, shooting all over his cock and hands, and gives us a big cheeky grin!

4) Straight Lad Ricky Fucks his 1st Man & Straight Lad Josh Takes It! - 32 Minute Video

Josh is a straight lad who is becoming our go-to guy when we want someone who can handle being fucked hard! Ricky hasn't fucked a guy before, and although he's not a shy guy, we wanted to pair him with someone who can take it good and hard, and Josh fitted the vacancy! Both guys have a guy at sucking each other, and then to ease Josh into it, out comes the purple dildo, which Ricky pushes in and out of Josh. Then Ricky takes control and bends Josh over and takes him - fucking him with long strokes, Josh clearly enjoying it because he stays hard when being penetrated. Josh shoots while Ricky is still in him, shooting a big load over his leg, and then Ricky pulls out and finishes himself off, what a mess!

5) Cheeky Straight Lad Ricky gets his 1st Fucking - Have we Discovered a New Power Bottom?! - 30 Minute Video

We've been pushing Ricky's boundaries fast in recent months, and today we're definitely taking a big step forward - bi lad Jason fucks Ricky - not only is this a big step for Ricky, but Jason's a well-hung guy, so Ricky's going to be in for a real education! Jason is a perky hung lad who likes nothing better than a guy to bend over for him - Ricky is a cheeky lad too - and he gets to business getting Jason hard by sucking him, and getting lubed up. Ricky takes Jason's cock really well, he gets properly fucked hard, and Ricky is hard throughout, it must be hitting the spot! Ricky cums while Jason is still deep inside his ass, spraying all over the place, and then Ricky wanks Jason to orgasm too - hot stuff!

6) Straight Lad Ricky gets Fucked by Jack's 8 Inch Cock and Cums Twice! - 28 Minute Video
Ricky impressed us in his last shoot where he bottomed so well that we decided to push him further and paired him with Jack - who has such an enormous hard cock that we figured Ricky would well and truly be challenged by him! We've been looking forward to this pairing - both Jack and Ricky are loud, cheeky lads - strong personalities and confident guys - we figured the shoot would be a bit of a laugh! Sure enough the guys are comfortable in each other's company and are soon playing around with dildos and sucking each other - both getting rock hard. Jack pushes a dildo deep into Ricky's hole, and Ricky takes it well - so Jack tries his hard cock instead! And Ricky does take it, clearly the size of it means that he really does feel every inch go in! But he takes a good fucking, and cums with Jack still in him, then Jack pulls out and splurges a nice load over himself!

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