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Cadinot - Garcons de Reves

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Description"Garçons de Rêves" AKA "Dream Boys" directed by Jean-Daniel Cadinot.

Starring Laurent Mialat, Mathias Chamberlain, Lorenzo Belini and Sydney McKenna.

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This pre-condom short film from 1981 is one of the earliest of Cadinot's films with a specific plot. The star of the film is the luscious Laurent Mialat. With maximum Catholic imagery - church choirs singing and bells ringing as we see a Cathedral facade, we join Mialat in a confessional with the priest (Lorenzo Bellini) to which he is entrusting his mortal soul.

Mialat confesses to a passionate affair with a young woman, whose subsequent infidelity causes him to attempt suicide. The suicide having been unsuccessful, ambulances take him to a hospital room that he shares with an African male (Mathias Chamberlain).

A male nurse (Sydney McKenna) takes it upon himself to assume responsibility for the hospital ward roommates. The nurse shows interest in the anuses of both roommates, ostensibly to obtain anal thermometer readings, but, based on his subsequent actions, his interest in men's anal regions goes far beyond concern about what their temperature might be.

McKenna injects Mialat's buttocks with some substance that causes erotic writings, which first Chamberlain, then McKenna, seek to exploit.

Mialat relates to his priest-confessor how exciting it was to discover the pleasures that arise when men's phalluses are inserted into one's mouth and anus, especially when such pleasures are occurring simultaneously.

One can detect steam rising in the confessional, and soon the priest is masturbating himself as he contemplates how wonderful it would be for a European white boy to experience at the same time the sexual prowess of two men of African descent.

This is a truly erotic film, that has an edginess that continues to wear well into the 21st century.
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