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In a pizzeria kitchen, two blonds, one ponytailed, one streaked-and-tipped, get tired of shovin' it into the oven and want some lovin'. In no hurry, they kiss quite a lot before Ponytail goes down and pulls Streaked's pants down to suck some cock while Streaked plays with his own bubble-gum butt. Quite suddenly they're naked and Ponytail is getting his pussy-hole poked standing up! Streaked goes crazy with his own penis-pleasure, and Ponytail starts breathing hard, too. Streaked eats ass out after he's cummed in it, and then bites buttocks. Then he drinks Ponytail's lush load.

Out delivering, Ponytail gets no answer at one door because inside, an incredibly young-looking lad is standing groping his own butt and boner like they were someone's else, writhing like a serpent. He finally lies back and jacks a splattery wad on himself--and keeps jacking.

On a snowy street, a John Cusack lookalike delivery boy meets a painfully pretty customer who asks him in to share pizza, and, afterwards, to suck tongues and tools. Customer drools so much you think Delivery has cummed in his mouth, but no, Delivery's hot to fuck a long time, and then he lets the pretty one swallow some pasty cum. Customer cums onto Delivery's cock, then gives him cummy kisses.

Back at work, tender kisses warm-up Streaked's mouth to suck a young Brando's cut cock, and then his ass, which Streaked sucks for so long that Brando pops a wad onto the floor. Then Streaked cums Brando's wide ass-crack.

Ponytail, finding a warm welcome from a faux-hawked (fake mohawked) customer, turns his ball-cap around so he can rim deeper. He fucks Fauxhawk spoon-fashion and ices his ass with cum.

An inspector in camouflage gear bullies a poor pretty dishwasher, and atones by kissing and face-fucking him. Streaked, spying on them, also in camouflage and looking half-loony with lust, pulls down his patterned pants and jacks, practically mauling his own butt while watching the inspector grind cock and asshole into Pretty's mouth. Streaked cums before Inspector porks Pretty's ass royally and cums all over it.

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