Basement Brawls 1-2-3-4

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Basement Brawls

1-Momo met Piet in the city and is angry about his loud mouth. When Momo told him that he is at fightplace Piet wants to fight against him. They agree on meeting in the basement of Momo's house for a fight man against man. But Piet was to selfconfident because Momo who is a long time at fightplace is very fast. The much bigger Piet sweats a lot. Momo enjoys to tease the bigger Piet. At the end Piet is trapped, that he has to submit. He could not believe this and frustrated he wants to have a revanche

2-Lukas is back in action! He's keen on fighting like never before, and he shows us this in Basement Brawls 2, in his fights against Jasper and Marius. Marius is visiting Lukas, and they are discussing bodybuilding. Lukas did built up some muscle mass lately, and he's really eager to demonstrate his progress. When Jasper finally shows up, Lukas literally aches for a match in the basement. He makes Jasper suffer under his exceptionally prolonged holds, exhausting headlocks and leg scissors. Jasper tries and tries to free himself, but Lukas keeps toying with him, torturing him with long scissors and pins. While not the inventor, Lukas arguably seems to be the master of the so-called "Shake Scissors," where he takes Jasper's head between his legs, and shakes him with his muscles. Jasper has to endure 40 whole minutes of punishment before Marius finally relieves him. But Marius isn't doing much better than Jasper. He, too, stands no chance against Lukas, who recently gained so much strength. Marius and Jasper treat us with a hot finale. They go for one more round of grappling, in an utterly hard submission-style match. Neither of them wants to leave this basement as the loser, and they muster all their remaining strength for the final battle

3-There´s trouble again at the fightplace apartment sharing community: Holly just wants to put his laundry into the washing machine when Eddy comes down to the basement and also wants to wash his laundry. His snuggling blanket has to be washed urgently but Holly makes no effort to let his buddy go first. It smells like fighting. Instead of washing the clothes they strip off each others clothes and head for the fightroom. For Eddy it´s the first fight at fightplace but Holly has not that much experience, too. He showed his skills in “Wow that´s big” but one fight is no proof for a good fighter. Eddy is very slim but taller than Holly and has some tricks in readiness. But is that enough against the ripped Holly? One hour can get quite long, especially when condition is decreasing. The pretty teen has no easy debut at fightplace but he goes above his limits and gives it all. A really nice one hour rip-fight, starting in jeans and shirt ending only in underwear

4-Just a little bunch of time earlier, Alfred was a youngster of Fightplace, too. But now he met the next generation fighters, who are training and fighting at the Fightplace house. This evening he met Joe and Bobby in the hallway. Joe presented the new fighter Bobby, who is the younger brother of Bob, to the Fightplace Team. Alfred just came around to ask for a fight, but when he met the youngsters, he licked blood. Shortly after that confrontation, they went down to the basement. Alfred started to undress his clothes, to get more moving space. Typical for a good fighter. Joe undressed himself, too. Just a few seconds later, Alfred grabbed Joe, who seems to be stronger. Usually Alfred is more shy in his fights, but today he showed us his brutal side. Joe had to absorb many Scissors, Headlocks and Throws of Alfred, who presented years of experience in this fight. Even if Joe tries to strike back in many different ways he seems like the loser of this fight. Later Joe was out of power, so he had to exchange with Bobby, but Bobby had no chance. You're able to notice, that Alfred enjoys his advantage. Bobby has to learn way more about that business. Totally silent he had to accept the attacks of Alfred. When Alfred dispatched both of this Newbies, he left the room. Now there is a fight under the Youngsters. Joe wanted to find out who the stronger fighter is. But we can just see the opposite of a powerful fight. They're just rolling on the floor, combined with long holds. They're just out of power because of the previous rounds. In our opinion, there are good chances for Bobby, but right now he is just to shy. But we all know, that it takes a bunch of time to go the skills to fight on the Fightplace matts. Joe got way better. Sometimes he was able to give himself as good as Alfred is. If he continues his training he will be a strong fighter. We were really surprised because of Alfred, because we met his other side. A powerful and self-confident fighter.

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