Smashing His Cunt

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DescriptionEarlier in the day, I had been explaining to one of our Junior House Managers that you have to watch these guys like a hawk watches rat’s nest. When given a chance, these residents will lie, cheat, and steal their way into completely shirking any responsibility or productive labor. We mete out a response with an even hand, though. The guys with the most freedom are the guys who get to leave the house for a job. Usually this means that their mommy and daddy aren’t footing the bill, but more often than not it’s simply an earned privilege and a way of re-entering society slowly and in a useful manner. Even so, half of the time the idiot fucks it up. This guy had only had his fast food job for two weeks, but when we gave his boss a call at work mid-day, he had not reported to work that day. Funny thing is, he walked in at the right time in his work uniform. This sneaky, conniving behavior is just the kind that needs to be put down immediately and with force. None of the Managers tolerate that kind of shit in this House. We applied the full court press on this sorry excuse for a young adult. By the time we were finished the back of his throat was red from swallowing so much cock, and his asshole looked more like a cunt than an asshole. This is a long video, because we literally fucked this kid senseless. This dude gets pummeled! Both of us took our turns on him – back and forth, back and forth – and made sure he went ass-to-mouth on our cocks in between the shit-stabbing. Toward the end of his recovery session, he had had his hair pulled, been choked out, and eaten cum that had been scooped up from his creampied hole. He definitely looks a mess by the time we are finished. Probably won’t try to pull one over on us again, though – that’s for sure.
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