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Today we brought three super-hot guys together, Dylan, Cameron, and James, for a hot circle jerk session. There?s something non-threatening about a circle jerk to straight guys. In fact, there?s a kind of camaraderie about jackin? it together. But it doesn?t stop there! Once we got them going, both James and Dylan (who?ve learned how to suck a dick from the best - us) went down on each other and Cameron. With these three sexy studs and their hot loads for your enjoyment, it should be great for everyone!

What can we say that we haven't said before about messing around with our favorite straight boy Bryan? Well, let's see: Bryan stayed the night as he often does and messed around on the computer for hours and hours until the sun was ready to come up. After catching a few hours of sleep, Bryan was raring to go. We brought in the camera, tripod and told him we were going to have some fun before we took him home. "Okay," he said with that killer grin of his, "You know I'm always up for some fun." We caressed every inch of Bryan, stroking, licking and sucking - pure heaven. You like gorgeous straight meat? So do we and they don't come any hotter than Bryan.

Cypher stopped by recently to work and we were brainstorming on what we should have him do next. During the conversation, Bryan, who was also there, hopped in the shower to clean up. Bryan stops by all the time and we love having him around, so it was pretty natural for him to shower up at our place. Cypher said that after hanging out with us over time and getting more comfortable, he was opening up to the idea of messing around with a dude. So we suggested that he hop in the shower with Bryan, seeing that it was happening right then. Bryan was cool with us filming in the shower, so in came Cypher and on went the camera. What followed was more than we'd hoped for. This is a hot, real scene that catches two gorgeous straight guys going at it with each other for the first time. Byran has experimented a lot with us and so we expected that his horny ass would play if we wanted him to, but we really didn't know if Cypher would freak, or get his freak on. And guess what happened? Damn, that was fun.

We ran into Sesso online recently. Sesso and I are good buds, we chat frequently when we have time and we always allude to having him come back in and make a few hot videos for us. He always says how much he loves to have his dick sucked and is always low-key but intrigued/turned on about the whole thing. That's what makes him cool. He's a guy who likes women and pussy but loves to be admired. We invited Sesso over for a late night dip in the pool. He knew what was coming next and was way turned on by the whole idea. So Sesso showed up and what transpired was just what we'd described in our late night chat sessions. Gonna leave the rest to your imagination...?

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