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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-10 |
2003, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  All Worlds Video

Cast:  Sledge Sawyer, Lance Armstrong, Austin Brooks, Jacob, Mikey, Jake, Barrett Long

Director:  Dirk Yates

From the press notes, courtesy of All Worlds Video:
"Military master director Dirk Yates brings his second installment in the sexy Sword series, featuring Dirk’s real Marines and All Worlds exclusive, 10-inch Barrett Long.

In the barracks locker room, Mikey and Jake are towel-clad and complaining about their Sergeant. Unbeknownst to them, their commander - Sledge Sawyer - is standing right behind them. Busted, the boss man reminds them of a certain night of sexual indiscretion when they thought he was asleep. So instead of reporting them in, Sledge orders them to suck his dick, ripping off his towel to expose his massive hard on. Both jarheads go down immediately and work Sgt. Sledge’s big pecker and shaved man sack. The two go back and forth and gobble down the hefty piece of man meat with gusto. Jake then moves down and sucks off Mikey’s stiffy. Mikey reaches around and starts to play with Jake’s butt hole.

Sledge turns around and leans up against the lockers and has his ass spread to get his hole tongued and at the same time his cocked sucked on. The two grunts change positions and continue the rimming and sucking their Sergeant’s dick. Jake gives up his goods and gets poked by Sledge as he sucks off Mikey. Jake takes it like a man as Sledge pumps his poker deep into his ass. Sledge shoots his load on Jake’s back as Mikey pops a nut on Jake’s face.

Austin Brooks is sitting in his skivvies and down-loading porn. He plays with his big wanger as he watches the smut, only to get busted by Sledge, who joins in the viewing. The two stroke their cocks until Sledge flops his cock on Austin’s shoulder. Austin slowly turns around, looks up at his commander and then takes the dick in his mouth. The two get out of their underwear and Austin gets on his knees to satisfy Sledge’s swollen manhood. The two share a kiss until Sledge works his way down Austin’s chest and stomach, stopping at his erection. He holds the smooth balls as he bobs up and down on the hard cock. The two move over to the cot and Austin goes back to work on Sledge’s woody. He rolls Austin on to his back, rims the pink pucker and goes back to swallowing cock. The two jerk off to a climax as Austin spurts his jizz on Sledge’s shoulder. The two seal their oral deal with a kiss.

Scene three has Austin and Jacob sitting in a friend’s home off base. Austin pages through a book of jarheads until Jacob tells him he’s heard about Austin and Sledge’s oral affair. Austin plays dumb but Jacob knows better and goes for the zipper. A fat erection is pulled out by Jacob who then goes down on the big pecker. The two strip off their jeans and Jacob goes back down on Austin’s manhood and low-hanging ball sack, giving them a tongue bath. Jacob works his mouth up Austin’s body and stops at his mouth, where the two kiss deeply. Austin goes down on bended knee and orally services Jacob’s pud. Jacob sits on Austin's boner and pumps his cock with his tight butt muscle. The two stroke to their climax.

The final scene brings 10-inch dick Barrett Long, Lance Armstrong and Sledge to a hotel room. The three are drunk and little Lance crashes on the bed and undresses. Sledge plops down on the bed next to Lance and undresses as well. Lance plays with his dick under his shorts and soon takes out his member. He moves over to a passed-out Sledge and begins to massage his uncut hog. He goes down on the cock and slowly undress him the rest of the way. Sledge awakens with a sly grin and enjoys his oral service. Lance works the balls and hairy ass hole as Sledge strokes his meat.

He pops on a rubber and Lance rides the erection. Out of the bathroom comes a naked Barrett, stroking off as he watches the two fuck. Barrett pulls back his low hanging balls as he stretches his foreskin with each stroke over the head of his cock. Barrett leans into the closet door mirror and watches himself as well as the butt fucking. He shoots his creamy load on the mirror and licks it off. Sledge rolls Lance over on to his back and continues pumping his cock while Lance strokes off his boner until he shoots a load. Sledge sprays his man juice on top of Lance.

If real Marines’ getting off on each other is your thing,
then you’ll have a constant hard on watching these jarheads!"

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