♺ Straight best friends Dom & Wayne get spanked!

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-24 |
Disgraced Window Cleaners - Dom & Wayne

This spanking movie runs for over 27 mins!!!

Dom & Wayne are two 19 year old guys that are trying to make some extra cash. So they decide to offer a window cleaning service to the houses on the estate where they live.

It all starts off well, with the local residents supporting them and giving them a lot of windows to clean! Business is good!

After a while though the boys gets lazy and continue taking the money but instead of cleaning the windows decide to spend it down the pub!

The residents soon discover what the lads are doing and decide they need to be taught a lesson!

Threatened with losing their job, the lads are sent to report to the local community spanker - Mr X to be dealt with.

Dom has been to see Mr X many times before but this is a first for Wayne and he is not quite sure what to expect!

What he did not expect was to be getting over Mr X's knee and having his bare bottom spanked in front of his mate Dom! Very embarrassing for a 19 year old, tough straight guy!

Dom and Wayne have to endure a long, painful spanking and are certainly taught a very painful lesson indeed!

"""More from Dave....... So this was actually the first recording that Wayne made for Straight Lads Spanked. It was his first ever real life spanking! Wayne and Dom are genuine real life friends. They grew up together! It was Dom that encouraged Wayne to visit Straight Lads Spanked. So when you are watching this movie and you see the lads react to getting undressed and spanked in front of each other, you can be assured that it was not scripted and was very real! They are trying to put on a brave face but it is really embarrassing for them! Of course, when they are not the ones getting spanked, they get to see their mate getting the punishment and you can see the smiles in their face when that happens also!"""""

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