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In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, have you ever wondered what really goes on at rest stops (besides resting)? Well, Truckstop Daddy is here for your X-rated answer.

As the film opens, Bronson (black hair, thirtyish, uncut) and Raven (tattooed, goateed, moderately hairy) enjoy some quality man time in a rest stop bathroom. Bronson pops his uncut dingle through a glory hole, and Raven graciously accepts it into his mouth. Bronson returns the favor, swallowing Raven's rod until goo shoots out. Unfortunately, this is the one low energy scene. The actors seem to be just going through the motions, which is a bit of a bummer.

Things kick into high gear in the next scene, where gorgeous Rollins (dark wavy hair, smooth body, perky pud) gets it on with fellow mechanic Knight (goateed, hung like a mammoth). Knight relishes every inch of Rollins� tool, and Rollins returns the favor.

Knight�s chumpy is not for the faint of heart, but Rollins tries in earnest to orally manipulate it without tossing his cookies. Knight ends up bent over, with Rollins slamming his pooper in a vivid display of manlust. Knight is very vocal throughout the scene, which makes things even more raw and exciting. Rollins shows how much he loves his fellow mechanic by glazing his cheek with his dude-dreck.

Next, Masterson and Addams do very dirty things to each other. Masterson (scrappy, goateed, monster meat that makes up 25% of body weight) gets things going by doing the oral thing to Addams (brown hair, average build, sizeable schlong). He�s really into it, and it shows. Then they pull the old switcheroo, and Addams finds himself with a he-man sized slab of tube steak in his mouth. Addams can�t get enough of Masterson�s meat, as well as his winking rosette. Masterson rewards his liege for a job well done, by repeatedly sliding his overgrown organ into Addams� shitter.

After that, it�s time to hit the showers with Berringer (fortyish, goateed, jaunty, sporting an average-sized member) and Garrett (bald, moustache and stubbly beard, hairy to the point of distraction). It�s the battle of the Daddies as these two take turns sucking each other in a very vocal display. Toss in a bit of ass munching, and there you have it.

The final scene pairs Bear poster children Hurley (bearded, "Lee Press on Nipples") and Buster (moustache, burly, hairy) for some sex al fresco. Buster drops to his knees and services Hurley�s beef as Hurley barks out commands. Things heat up as Hurley makes a meal out of Buster�s fuzzy a-hole, before pummeling it vigorously in a couple of positions. Buster gets so worked up that he shoots a mega-load while being slammed.

I firmly believe that I can recommend the delightful Truckstop Daddy for lot lizards, truckstop trolls, and those who frequent public restrooms but don�t really have to pee.

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