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Grrrrr. That Tiger really is something. Not only does he have stripes tattooed down his body, but he has the sexual appetite and feline grace of a jungle cat! Throw in an assortment of porn wunderkinds, and you have the recipe for some super duper smut.

The film opens with Tiger (lanky, blonde, striped) and Banes (buff, gruff, ruff) going at it in some sort of warehouse/garage/loading dock. Banes gobbles Tiger’s pierced knob and fingers his derriere. Before you can say “Hello, Kitty,” Tiger is getting face-fucked by Banes. Next, Tiger temporarily shelters Banes’ tool in his ass-shed. Banes is in no mood for Tiger’s shenanigans, so he batters Tiger’s piehole with great gusto, as Tiger purrs with ecstasy.

In another part of the warehouse Radcliffe (huge, balding) and Real (black hair, satanic goatee, hairy) are doing their own funky sex thing. Real eagerly swallows Radcliffe’s gherkin, before fingering his ass and sucking hungrily on his man-teats. After a taste of Radcliffe’s heiney, Real pulls his own worm out and Radcliffe takes the dangling bait. Radcliffe licks, slurps and gobbles Real’s pole like a champ, before bending over and playing “Who’s your bitch?” Real ends up nailing Radcliffe vigorously in a couple of positions.

The twink scene between Richards and Lopez is the weakest, as it lacks the energy and passionate fire of the others. Richards (very young, nondescript-looking, dark blonde) and Lopez (black hair, bubble butt, looks like a member of the pop group Blink 182) demonstrate how shower time can also be fun time. There’s the requisite sucking and fucking, but it pales in comparison to the raw energy the other senses possess. However, fans of younger guys will relish these two post-adolescents and their boyish innocence.

Size queen alert! Brandon has one of the biggest schlongs in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s here in all its awe-inspiring glory in the next scene. Aryan man-smoker Wagner goes down on that log like an industrious beaver, as Brandon gruffly barks out commands. Eventually, the hefty hole puncher ends up inside Wagner’s manpuss, and he takes it like a pro.

One wonders about the lingering after-effects of taking such a large object up the crapper. Will he now have to wear a tampon to contain errant waste? Will this exacerbate or alleviate his irritable bowel syndrome? One can only wonder.

With the exception of the twink scene and one particularly annoying camera technique, this film is porn as it should be. The camera faux pas is that the scenes jump back and forth in the middle of the action - it’s distracting and annoying and I don’t like it.

Recommended for men who work on loading docks, cat lovers and proctology interns.
-- T.J. Maxxwell reviewing for TLA Video

The title in the video itself is "Down & Dirty".  It appears that it was distributed in two different cases, one bearing the title of "Tiger Down & Dirty" and the other "Michael Brandon Down and Dirty".

Down & Dirty
Distibuted by Atron Productions
2001, 90 minutes

Directed by Mike Ryan

Brent Banes
Danny Lopez
Ethan Richards
Kurt Wagner
Michael Brandon
Mike Radcliffe
Sergio Real
Tiger (tattoo)

[Atron] Down & Dirty (2001)

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