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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-09-11 |
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interracial (black & latin)

If you like cute black bottom boys, Michael has to be seen to be believed. This is my new favorite video, in no small part due to Michael and also in no small part due to the way that Chino fucks him. Hmmm and did I mention the glorious dick that Chino has. But wait, there's more - that glorious dick works the adorable bottom of the, er, adorable bottom that is Michael, all bareback. Actually there's a lot more that could be said about this video, but rather than ruin it, I'll let you watch for yourselves if you like what you see and read here.

Let me just say, however, that like all JorgesGang videos, this one is not without its faults (in my opinion anyway) and yet the supreme Michael, the supreme cock of Chino, and the supreme cocksucking and bareback fucking make this porn at its finest (again in my opinion).

By the way does anyone else think that Chino (the top who fucks Michael) is Mesril with a different nic?

I have one other video with Chino and Michael in a 3some (this time with a gay (or at least bi) lad rather than Renzo, who seems obviously straight to me. If you would like me to upload it, please express your appreciation by hitting the thanks button and, if you can spare some seed love, please give me some of your seed points.

BY the way as much as I appreciate and support the ethos of gtru, I think it's important to acknowledge that sites like JorgesGang can only survive if people continue to give them their business, so please, if you're in a position that makes it financially possible, consider subscribing to them for awhile. (And if you're not in a position to do this at the moment, please do it when you can). By the way I am in no way connected with JorgesGang - I just do not want to see sites like this go under when they bring us some of the sexiest boys in the world in my opinion.

A note for those who like my TBW posts - I am looking at uploading the long promised missing TBW sets soon - well at least some of them, I've just been too busy to go through my whole collection, working out what is no longer on the TBW site and what isn't. However I have identified 4½ sets that are no longer on the site and which are definitely not on gtru. More importantly I have identified a further 9 sets which are no longer on the site and which I believe *may* have never been uploaded here. As I am still pressed for time I would appreciate it if someone could lend me a bit of their time and offer to search this site for these 9 sets in order to determine which have and which haven't already been uploaded. This will mean searching on the name of each lad in conjunction with every conceivable permutation of the TBW's site name (eg teens-boys-world, teensboysworld, teenboyworld, etc etc). PM if you want to offer your services - I will very much appreciate it.

"Thanks You"s
I would like to finish this ramble (lol) by thanking everyone who made this upload possible - Jorge and his crew, the sexy boys in this video (Please marry me, Michael. Please fuck me, Chino, lol), the guy whom I got this video off in the first place, and all those who believed him me when... Uh-Oh I've slipped into an Oscar speech, BummerBoy pulls himself together and leaves the building. Bye for now.

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Codec ID/Hint: MP3
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Bit rate: 64.0 Kbps
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz

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