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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-16 |
Content synopsis
I've been getting a lot of requests for today's model and I've decided to bring him back to see exactly what he's made of. CLASH is a little on the rough side but has a nice personality and of course, LOVES women! The tats on this guy are pretty spectacular and the whole package makes this straight stud perfect for what I had in store for him today. Watch as Clash gets introduced to fucking a dude in the ass for the first time ever. Yes ever and I got it all on tape!
Clash is really on his way to making changes for the positive in his life and he needs this money to provide for his child which I find admirable so of course, I was more than happy to help him out. We got past all the particulars that we usually do, signed all the paper work and off to the races we went. Clash's body was loaded with amazing tattoos and based on his past I know that he's been through a lot and the stories are on his body.
Once we got started taping I had Clash sitting on a bench with a mouse and keyboard at his side and a 42 inch screen of some pretty knarley pussy porn. With everything at his disposal, Clash sat back, spread his legs, put his arms back on the bed and sat there as I knelt down in front of him and began my work. I liked his balls individually and then together. Next I took them both in my mouth and licking and sucking his nuts and trust me they are definitely a mouthful.
Next I moved to his shaft and engulfed that sucker to the point of 6.5 rock hard inches on a nicely cut cock that I was ready to mount. I slapped on the condom and the expression on Clash's face was priceless. I took my shorts off and lubed up my ass and my cock and Clash knew what was coming. I mounted Clash backwards cowgirl style and that gave him the benefit of being able to observe the pleasure without having to have me watch him. (Always get fucked face away from a str8 guy)
Well what came next completely took both Clash and I by surprise because I began to sit on his cock and mount him slowly at first and I wasn't able to see what was going on because I was turnaround but in post production, I saw Clash's face as within minutes of his stiff cock up a tight warm hole, he couldn't hold back a 4 day load that was brewing inside. Clash blew hard and big all up inside Rob's ass, luckily there was a condom on! DAMN!!!!

Cast: Rob Navarro, Clash
Director: Rob Navarro
Studio: Military Classified
Release Date: 2014-11-11
Runtime: 00:08:12
Definition: 720p, 1280x720
Format: .mp4

Tags: ~blowjob ~tattoos ~big cock ~cumshot ~military classified ~Rob Navarro ~anal ~cum in condom
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