ross part 2

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Descriptionstraight hell / breeder fuckers
Scally cunt Ross is already totally nude and we've mummified him with thick heavy belts. Straining his muscles he finds there is no way to break his bonds. This fiendish bondage allows total access to all Ross's private parts and there is nothing he can do about it. Dave twists Ross's nipples causing him immense agony. Crying out he finds his screams muffled by Dave's fat cock pushing deep down his throat. Dave wants oral sex from the reluctant straight. To make sure it's a balls-deep blow job Dave gets into a press-up position and fucks Ross's face. Dave pushes his whole rigid length down Ross's throat. Ross's mouth soon resembles a bride's cunt on her wedding night, only here it's Ross's chin that takes Dave's balls bashing into it with every thrust. As Dave gets serviced Adrian ropes Ross's ankles from the ceiling. With his young legs held in the air he can do nothing when Adrian plunders his sweet hairy bumhole. The finger fucking is merely a preliminary to a severe power tool fucking from a Ryobi with a dildo stuck on the end. Oh the degradation!
Once Ross's hole has been nicely stretched there isn't a moment to rest as the Ryobi is removed, to be replaced by Dave's urgent cock. Dave takes his pleasure from the scally's succulent bumhole whilst Adrian now fucks the cunt's mouth. Adrian goes from soft to hard in moments. It's the feeling of reluctant lips around his shaft. Adrian soon unloads his balls into Ross's whinging mouth. After Adrian spills his seed Dave pulls out and he then adds to the mixture of sperm deposited in Ross. Ross has a reputation for spitting spunk out of his gob and the 2 tops don't want a repeat of his ungratefulness. They gaffer tape his mouth so he has no choice but to swallow it. To make sure, Dave takes a heavy paddle and sets to work spanking Ross's arse. Every time he moans, more and more sperm falls down the back of his throat so he gets the full flavour of man. Fucked at both ends, bingeing on sperm, a sore arse and now spanked. No fun for Ross today. Or any day.
enjoy !!! ^^V
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