♺ Rawhide - Bijou Video 1981

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A hot afternoon, five horny cowboys, and a dusty old barn are the ingredients in this fast-paced western fantasy. Shot direct-on-video with none of that annoying background disco noise dubbed in, you'll see and hear all the wild sex among these dudes just as if you were right there with them.", Torso. These factors, too, add to the realism and sexual intensity of these burly men in action!

Four older, rough cowboys corner the newest, youngest member of the ranch crew in the barn and work him over. He gets slapped, spanked, verbally abused, mouth-fucked and ass-stretched (with hard-ons and dildos) repeatedly. It soon becomes apparent that the man is a true masochist of sorts because his cock stays hard the entire time! The action and gang bang continues with endless, larger dildos, tying the man's cock and balls up with a thong, two men taking turns fucking his mouth, and all of the men jacking off and cumming all over him. They soon leave him, threatening him not to tell the farmer what just occurred.

J.W. King returns and frees the man, the grateful guy letting King sit on his face and 69 with him. The man ends up getting fucked and dildoed again before the action ceases with a dream.

Starring Chris Burns, Todd Marshall, Ray Medina, Sky Dawson, Mike Kelly (aka Eric Stryker), J.W. King, Vulcan and Hun. Directed by Tony Prince.

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