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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-07-13 |
~ H.Q. ~ Crisp New DVD Conversion ~ DVD BONUSES Included! ~ 3-Way Sandwich

"You cannot imagine what the hot boys of "Load My Ass" are up to! As sex addicts, they DESTROY asses with huge dicks, leaving jizz inside and swapping cum like dirty pigs. They are the hottest depraved boys with no limits in bareback sex. They are simply perverts and they love it really dirty!" (Promo Information)
Personal Note: I LOVE THIS FILM (although I would have called it "Fill 'er UP!")!!! It's like the best of OTB, SEVP, Ayor, Beau Mec, Clair and Helix rolled into one! eBoys touts "A New Breed Of Twinks" on the title page, and I BUY IT! These boys are drop-dead gorgeous, with beautiful bodies, big strong cocks that get (and STAY) hard at the drop of a hat, and they seem to fuck and fuck, and fuck some more, so f*ing long that it is simply astounding to watch. (Of course, having TWO cameras constantly filming DOES give them the luxury of extending scenes, with the extra footage, during editing, if they so desire.) The boys show NO qualms about cumming on their partner's ass and seeding, or going for the oral cumshot, then lapping up any spilled cum, and sharing it again (snowballing) with their partner.  JUST PURRRfect.

The photography, direction, talent, and technical qualities are excellent, and two cameras are used for every scene. I showed my boyfriend scenes from this last night and once again today, and I am VERY happy to be able to give this film a firm "Two Cocks UP!" rating.

This is one of the best videos I've seen in a LONG time, and it'll go permanently in my "View often and frequently!" library.

There IS a relatively minor technical flaw, in scene 5 (the three-way); one of the two cameras used in the shoot had its resolution set improperly, to 4:3 ratio, rather than 16:9 widescreen. But since this is a widescreen movie, they expanded the 4:3 shots to 16:9, resulting in WIDE faces and WIDE bodies, every few seconds, for half the shots in scene 5. Can you imagine the anguished and heated conversations that went down when they went in to the edit session, and discovered that one of their cameras had been set to to the wrong ratio?!?!! OMG!!! Like... "How the #($#(&@U could this have happened???", and a whole lot worse, I'm guessing!  lol

I COULD have fixed this by adjusting the size of each cut to this camera, and adding letterbox sides... but since this is a genuine TWO camera shoot, and they switched back and forth, during editing, every couple seconds throughout the scene, it might have been even MORE disturbing to watch it switch back and forth from letterbox to widescreen, it would have: meant HUNDREDS of manual edits (not EASY, using VirtualDub!), taken up all my free time for at least a week, and probably driven me completely crazy in the process. THUS... I left it alone, and you'll see it the same way it was, on DVD.

I think most people will hardly notice this flaw. Myself, having spent 20+ years in the technical end of the video postproduction business... well, it drives me nuts, but that's just me. It's sort of like asking a film critic to "suspend belief" when watching a film; to stop analyzing, to stop thinking analytically, to stop being a film critic, while watching a film; for a media professional, it's basically impossible.

I DID Color Correct this video, since it looked rather dull and washed out; both Chroma and Contrast needed to be boosted, 7%.

I also added on the 6 minute DVD Bonus Slideshow, at the end of the movie.

I decided to include, as a separate file in this torrent, the 13 minute DVD Bonus "Behind the Scenes" video. When you download the torrent, you can choose to include this video, or not, as you wish. I'm guessing you may only wish to watch this extra scene one time, if you choose to download it.

I personally found “Behind the Scenes” an interesting reminder just how truly talented these professional models are. They manage to look and act like they are alone in a room, making love to their partner, when in reality there are TWO cameras and cameramen a foot or two away, along with the director and God knows who knows else, close by! You get to see ALL of the crew involved in shooting scenes! It's an interesting insight into the reality of what goes on during the production of these porn videos, IMHO.

This is a fresh edited conversion I just created from the original DVD files, color corrected, and sharpened slightly. The manual 12 hour three-pass conversion was performed by first decompressing the DVD files to a whopping 260 GB to a nonencoded binary format. Next, these files were joined and edited, then analyzed, to log the amount of picture detail and movement, frame by frame. The audio was then extracted, and converted to MP3 format. Thirdly, the video is finally reencoded, using the second pass of the 2-pass mode of the Xvid codec, in Variable Bit Rate, using the detail and motion data for the most efficient variable degrees of Video Compression, in order to achieve a consistently crisp appearance to the human eye. Lastly, the MP3 audio was merged with the video again, resulting in the most reasonable file size possible, considering the quality. This video has a Gspot Qf (Quality Factor) of .210, for near-DVD quality. Enjoy!

Any bonus points that you can afford to grant me for my efforts would be greatly appreciated! In as I'm usually downloading DVDs to convert, process, and perhaps color correct, to offer here, I struggle to maintain my UL/DL ratio; and your gift would certainly help me, in this regard. Thanks!
Title: Load My Ass
Studio: eBoys (eboysstudio.com)
Released: 2008
Duration: 2 hours (plus 6 minute DVD Bonus Slideshow)
Producer: Michael Paris
Director: Michael Paris
Starring: Brandon Junior, Andrew Shut, Jeremy Polo, Chris Ross, Rick Odry, Tony Rush (my fav), Lucky Taylor, Tommy Sem, and Martin Wide
Videography: Michael Paris, Miki Sem (Tommy Sem's brother?), Patrick Maxwell
Make-up: Claudio Illy
Photograpy: Saint Cyre, Miki Sem
Edited by: TwinkLab
Production Assistants: Patrick Maxwell, Michal
Location Assistants: Vladia, Willem
Music: Justin Case, X Ray Music, Pierre Langer
Shot on location at: Toucan Apartments, Czech Republic
Production Dates: May 15, and Sept. 7 - 10, 2007
Special Thanks to: Miki Sem, Michal "Jack Eyes", Willem, Vladia, Patrick Maxwell, Tony Rush
Age: Barely Legal/Twinks/Young Meat,  Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s,  Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers,  Body Types: Lean/Slim/Wiry,  Body/Chest Hair: None (Hairless/Shaved/Smooth),  Cast's Looks: Adorable/Cute,  Cast's Looks: Average Looking/Everyday,  Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome,  Cock Sizes: Big and Thick,  Cumshots: Oral/Swallowing,  Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven),  Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks,  Men in/of Scandinavia,  No Condoms: Barebacking,  Rimming (Ass Eating),  Threesomes/Threeways

Bareback,  Foreign/International Cast,  Twinks
Multimedia Analysis Box of:  [eboys] Load My Ass.avi
Complete name : [eboys] Load My Ass.avi
Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
Format profile : OpenDML
File size : 2.04 GiB
Duration : 2h 6mn
Overall bit rate : 2 319 Kbps
Writing application : VirtualDubMod (build 2542/release)
Writing library : VirtualDubMod build 2542/release

Video  ID : 0
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Format profile : Advanced Simple@L5
Format settings, BVOP : Yes
Format settings, QPel : No
Format settings, GMC : No warppoints
Format settings, Matrix : Default (MPEG)
Muxing mode : Packed bitstream
Codec ID : XVID
Codec ID/Hint : XviD
Duration : 2h 6mn
Bit rate : 2 175 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Standard : NTSC
Resolution : 8 bits
Colorimetry : 4:2:0
Scan type : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.210
Stream size : 1.92 GiB (94%)
Writing library : XviD 1.2.1 (UTC 2008-12-04)

Audio  ID : 1
Format : MPEG Audio
Format version : Version 1
Format profile : Layer 3
Mode : Joint stereo
Format_Settings_ModeExtension : MS Stereo
Codec ID : 55
Codec ID/Hint : MP3
Duration : 2h 6mn
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 128 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
Stream size : 115 MiB (6%)
Alignment : Split accross interleaves
Interleave, duration : 33 ms (1.00 video frame)
Interleave, preload duration : 500 ms
Writing library : LAME3.98.2
Added2017-06-28 05:27:23
Size2.25 GB (2,414,497,836 bytes)
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