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Summer with Mick
Released: 2012 | Running time: 104 min. | Director: George Duroy, Luke Hamill | Audio: PCM stereo | DVD format: NTSC 16:9 |

There's just something about Mick Lovell's stunning good looks and perfect build that we can't get enough of, not to mention the amazing sex (mixed condom and bareback) that he loves to take part in. Mick was the first American that Bel Ami signed and the second that they ever featured. (Brady Jensen was the first.) After one amazing Summer with Mick here's your chance to find out everything you wanted to know about the American beauty - including Mick's first ever live camera show with Bel Ami. Can you feel the heat?

Quite literally one of the most beautiful creatures ever to grace pornland, Summer with Mick will leave you sweat-drenched no matter what time of year you watch it. I fell for Mr. Lovell long before American Lovers Part Two (we're going to be married, you see) and I want to share my good fortune with all of you today. Just don't be jealous, okay?

Scene one features my beautiful buff and blonde one getting hammered bareback by chiseled Vadim; the load that ends up in Micks's mouth is the luckiest cumload in the world. Next is an interview with Todd as my baby showers. Much love is gushed as Todd has at it with his first American. Wonderful kissing, frottaging, rimming and fucking ensue. (Todd gloriously slides a condom onto Mick's cock with his mouth.) Here you'll note my baby gives as good as he gets. Gaelan and Mick have a heavy moan and bareback session in a bed (Mick bottoms here, taking a massive load in the gullet) before we finish with a spectacular outdoor (condomed) romp between Mick and Jim (who piston-pops my BFF). Both are so insanely perfectly big balled, big cocked and pretty it's nauseating.

The final scene is listed as a bonus, and it definitely is - Micks's first live web show for Bel Ami, broadcast in July of 2012. True, it's just a solo, but you get to see some fun BTS stuff before the chat starts. And when it does, whoo-boy I nearly lost it. Mick talk to his online chat chaps (he's originally from Salt Lake City, talks about is relationship status, etc.) while getting undressed. By the time his perfect cock was freed from his jean shorts I had no idea what he was saying nor did I care - I concentrated solely on the perfect piece before me. Big balls bouncing, it's a perfect solo showcase for this perfect male specimen.

Here it is in a nutting nutshell: The film looks great; the sex - while not circus-insane like much of today's studio porn tries to be - is some of the best duo stuff you'll see; and it's absolutely worthy of a keepsake purchase. Ok? I gotta run now; hubby's calling...
(from by Keeneye Reeves)

Mick Lovell, Gaelan Binoche, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset, Vadim Farrell
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