‚ôļ Satyr Films - Ream His Straight Throat 7 (avi)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-04-19 |
Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the INTENSITY that we get from our performers. We NEED the RAW and the EXTREME. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE MEN, AND THAT'S WHAT BEING A MAN IS ALL ABOUT. ENJOY!


Scene 1: Mike Armon

Mike is a hot, straight guy who answered our ad looking for gay for pay models. He currently works as a manager for a big sporting goods store. He is accustomed to working with a lot of straight athletes and we are sure they would view him differently if they could see him now. Some of them might want a little personal attention as helps them pick out jockstraps. He is currently living with his girlfriend of 5 years and wanted to buy her a nice engagement ring. Little does she know that Mike’s throat will take a thorough pounding by an 8.5 inch cock in order so that she can have a nice bauble on her hand to show off.

Mike can be heard gagging, choking and gasping for air. His eyes are bulging as Johnny Hazell’s cock probes deeper and deeper searching for that sweet spot in a hot man’s throat. At one point his legs begin to flail about as his gullet is filled to the limit with one long hard cock. He flips Johnny over and begins to eat his hole as if this where the engagement ring may be hidden. After eating Johnny’s hole for what seems to almost 45 minutes, he opens his mouth wide to take a huge load of manjuice. He swirls around his mouth as if savoring a fine vintage before finally swallowing it all. He leaves with a raw throat and load of cum pooling in his stomach.

Scene 2: Ricky

Ricky is a quiet, reserved guy who finds himself in a dubious situation. His girlfriend Cindy just can’t seem to get a handle on her lavish spending. Ricky in a previous film already got his ass reamed in Cum Filled Manholes 2. Cindy had to watch while Billy with the 10 inch cock plowed Ricky without mercy for 2 hours. She sat quietly in the corner while Ricky was pleading with his eyes for the assault to stop. Of course, Ricky being the dutiful fiancé laid down his hole for his future wife. Now if that doesn’t show true love we don’t know what would.

Ricky tries to reason with Billy who is determined to get his money one way or the other. At one point Billy says he wants to throatfuck Cindy, but Ricky being her Knight in Shining Armor offers his throat instead. So Cindy undresses Ricky and they tenderly kiss one last time before Ricky gets throatfucked mercilessly. Cindy doesn¬ít run out screaming, doesn¬ít use her cell phone to call for help or puts up much of a fight. She sits back and watches Ricky once again get another hole destroyed by Billy¬ís 10 inch cock. She occasionally blurts out words of encouragement like, ¬ďIt will be over soon, baby¬Ē. After all, it¬ís not her throat that¬ís getting plowed. Ricky struggles quite a bit for another two-hour hole attack. He gags, gurgles, blows bubbles and expels all of the energy drink he had drank earlier in the day. His eyes are bloodshocked and swollen and at one point he and Cindy tenderly hold hands while Ricky¬ís throat act as a cylinder for Billy¬ís black piston pumping in and out relentlessly.

Ricky is manhandled and throat gagged in every conceivable position but he takes the throat stuffing like a real man. A few silent tears are all we see as he endures what seems may never end. When Billy has finally satiated his man lust he shoots his load into Ricky’s mouth as Cindy looks on. She gently wipes the cum and drool from Ricky’s face and promises to not borrow money again. Let’s hope she keeps her word for Ricky’s sake.

Scene 3: Rock

Rock is back again. What can we say about Rock that hasn’t already been said? This is actually a scene we thought we had completely lost. Luckily for us it is real gem. Rock is our Satyr exclusive and once again gives a truly terrific performance, as he is throatfucked by TJ. TJ is young college student we met spinning a sign on a street corner. We asked him if he wanted to make something extra money. He of course was interested as long as he didn’t have to suck any cock. Of course, we assured him that he would not have to suck cock.

This is TJ’s first scene with us. He is young Hispanic guy with an oversized 9-inch cock for such a small body. Rock did the best he could trying to swallow that thick beast that would not bend. Rock, finally after struggling for a couple of hours is able to deep throat TJ’s cock down to the balls.

TJ had his debut with Satyr films and has been in several other Satyr films. When TJ saw the kind of money he could make for a just a couple of hours work, he threw his sign away and decided to dedicate himself to man-on-man sex. His girlfriend, obviously does not know, or she probably would have insisted that he keep his job standing in the hot sun spinning signs up in the air.

TJ was so straight he had look at straight porn to shoot his load. Of course, in later films we throatfucked TJ in Ream His Straight Throat 3.

Scene 4: Enrique Currero

Enrique is a sexy, Latin man with beautiful blue eyes. He has done some straight and bisexual videos but he was always the top. We gave him enough cash to convince him to allow himself to get throatfucked by another sexy, Latin guy, Marco Z. The two of them together is a sight to behold. Enrique, does his best to deep throat Marco’s cock, and although Marco is not huge, this is obviously new for Enrique. At one point, Enrique sputters up some drool but continues to take it all in.

Marco does not slow down for an instant as he seems to enjoy seeing this beautiful man take his dick down to the pubes. Enrique tears up a little, obviously contemplating his situation, but does not give up. What is really cool about being a Satyr is that you do not concede until the job is down. Your goal is to have a load go down your throat or have your manhole filled with hot Satyr juice. In any case, to join the company of Satyrs is quite an accomplishment as it is truly a male thing. Only men can be Satyrs, and we should be damn proud of it!

So back to Enrique and Marco. Marco gets Enrique to eats his hole for about 45 minutes and gets a good tongue-fucking to boot. Enrique seems to enjoy exploring a man’s body as he takes big licks of Marco’s hole and balls. When Marco cannot hold his cum in anymore he shoots it all over Enrique’s mouth and face. There is nothing more precious than seeing Enrique’s beautiful face with a nice sperm load on it.

Scene 5: Chad Rock

Chad Rock is a bridge builder from the Bay area. We met him in San Francisco at a nightclub where he was working as a doorman during his night job. He is sexy, married straight man who is truly gay for pay. We offered him a ton of money to get him to join us in one of our films. We were so lucky to have been able have cast him first in Cum Filled Manholes 3 where he took a real pounding from Rock Bottom. Rock filled Chad’s ass with stainless steel hooks, a ball and chain as well as with his own thick cock.

Rock starts the attack with an intense throatfucking just to get Chad all loosened up. Chad gasps for air and can barely take Rock’s perfect man meat down his throat. At several points it appears that Chad may actually pass out. His face is flushed and his eyes are filled with tears as Rock hammers Chad’s face. Rock has a field day with Chad and totally abuses him in as many positions as possible.

For a change of pace, Rock orders Chad to stuff an 18-inch stainless steel chain up Rock’s ass. Chad diligently pushes it into Rock’s sweet hole one link at a time until just the final link is visible. He then pulls it out ever so slowly revealing it inch by inch as Rock’s trembling manhole giving it up as clean as a whistle.

With Rock’s huge member standing at attention Chad is made to swallow Rock’s cock until he takes Rock all the way down to the balls. Rock orders him to stretch his hole while he alternately rips open Chad’s mouth. Chad gapes Rock’s hole while inhaling his thick rod.

Rock takes Chad over to a hanging bar where Chad holds on while Rock shoves his dick into Chad’s quivering mouth. Rock then grabs a chair and feeds his swollen tube steak to Chad until he is completely down to the nuts. Rock then begins to stuff his hand into Chad’s mouth until he has all of his fingers down Chad’s man throat. Chad trembles as Rock’s fist explores Chad’s mouth and throat. This has got to be a first for Chad Rock. You can be reasonably assured that Chad has never had almost a man’s entire fist in his throat. Not even his dentist could claim such a feat!

As Rock continues the penetration of Chad’s throat he alternates between his fist and his throbbing dick. Rock drags Chad over to the bed where he demands that he shove the chain back up his ass. Chad complies and Rock shoots a thick, white load into Chad’s open mouth. The look on Chad’s face is priceless as he contemplates whether to swallow the load or spit it out. Rock then makes Chad pull out the chain once again as Rock’s load clings to Chad’s face and mouth. The chain comes out ever so slowly as Chad dutifully grits his teeth while holding the chain in his mouth while savoring Rock’s load.

Chad is finally freed from his ordeal to go home to his wife who is none the wiser and has no idea what her husband, Chad, has just endured.

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