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100 Percent Straight (Colby Jansen & Lance Luciano).mp4 174.57 MB
3 Way no Way! (Dylan Roberts, Johnny Rapid).mp4 232.03 MB
Back Seat Romeos (Johnny Rapid, Morgan Shades).mp4 172.46 MB
Backfire (Colby Jansen, Mike de Marko).mp4 177.32 MB
Blackboard Outline (Brad Foxx & Johnny Rapid).mp4 208.47 MB
Bounty Hunter DP (Boston Miles, Johnny Rapid & Travis Irons).mp4 199.66 MB
Broken English (Angel Rock, Cooper Reed, Johnny Rapid).mp4 155.21 MB
Bros Who Fuck (John Evans, Johnny Rapid).mp4 129.90 MB
Butt Dial (Colby Jansen, Rod Daily).mp4 139.71 MB
Car Wash (Jason Goodman, Johnny Rapid).mp4 177.90 MB
Clean Up Time (Aj Monroe, Johnny Rapid).mp4 118.63 MB
Cold Shower (Johnny Rapid, Ryan Rockford).mp4 203.79 MB
College John Part 2 (Jack King, Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk).mp4 141.01 MB
College John Part 3 (Haigen Sence, Johnny Rapid, Vance Crawford).mp4 120.54 MB
Construction Junctio (Alex Andrews, Jason Goodman, Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar, Ricky Sinz).mp4 161.42 MB
D8 Night! (Evan Mercy, Johnny Rapid).mp4 183.66 MB
Daddy's Club Part 2 (Colby Jansen, Corey Haynes).mp4 165.02 MB
Daddy's Club Part 3 (John Magnum, Johnny Rapid).mp4 118.96 MB
Daddy's Club Part 5 (Billy Santoro, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid).mp4 218.69 MB
Day Laborer (Johnny Rapid, Valentin Petrov).mp4 239.93 MB
Dirty Magazines (Colby Jansen, Jack Radley).mp4 148.95 MB
Discharged (Colby Jansen, Jimmy Fanz).mp4 142.05 MB
Dive Bar Slut (Bryce Star, Colby Jansen).mp4 112.30 MB
Door to Door (Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid).mp4 170.26 MB
Drill Sergeant (Blaze, Evan Mercy, Johnny Rapid, Trent Diesel, Ty Tucker).mp4 195.62 MB
Drilling Deep (Colby Jansen, Trelino).mp4 155.41 MB
Experimenting with Pleasure (Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid).mp4 123.77 MB
Extreme Men 1 (Bryce Evans, Johnny Rapid).mp4 133.59 MB
Father Figure (Billy Santoro, Johnny Rapid).mp4 131.84 MB
Football Fuckdown Part 1 (Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Ryan Rockford).mp4 161.85 MB
Football Fuckdown Part 2 (Colby Jansen, Duncan Black, Rod Daily).mp4 162.87 MB
Football Fuckdown Part 3 (Colby Jansen, Duncan Black, Johnny Rapid).mp4 156.25 MB
Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid, Liam Rosso, Luca Rosso).mp4 180.22 MB
Gang Surprise Inspection (Alexander Greene, Blaze, Johnny Rapid, Phat Daddy, Rafael Alencar).mp4 218.55 MB
Gay Boat (Johnny Rapid, Blaze, Young Cruize).mp4 196.86 MB
Glory Hole (Tony Paradise, Johnny Rapid).mp4 147.38 MB
Going West Part 1 (Chris Bines, Johnny Rapid).mp4 148.38 MB
Going West Part 2 (Johnny Rapid, Robbie Rivers).mp4 124.80 MB
Going West Part 3 (Chris Bines, Cooper Reed, Hunter Page, Jack King, Johnny Rapid).mp4 180.74 MB
Greek History (Colby Jansen, Levi Madison).mp4 121.42 MB
Hazing Ritual (Blaze, Dominic Reed, Johnny Rapid).mp4 233.22 MB
He Got Hot (Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk).mp4 134.74 MB
Holding Cell (Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid).mp4 130.04 MB
Home Invasion (Alexander Greene, Johnny Rapid, Ryan Rockford).mp4 189.17 MB
Hometown Return (Johnny Rapid, Maximillion Kong).mp4 147.48 MB
Hot Like Fire (Andrew Stark, Charlie Roberts, Colby Jansen).mp4 183.84 MB
Hot Tub Story (Caleb Colton, Johnny Rapid).mp4 142.63 MB
Houseboy Part 2 (Billy Santoro, Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid).mp4 657.69 MB
I Wanna Watch (Johnny Rapid, Bryce Star).mp4 183.52 MB
Intervention (Andy Taylor, Colby Jansen, Connor Maguire).mp4 124.89 MB
JockStalker_scene1_mobile.mp4 160.43 MB
Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid, Marcus Ruhl).mp4 131.34 MB
Johnny In A Box 2 (Cooper Reed, Johnny Rapid, Tyler Sweet).mp4 180.22 MB
Johnny In A Box The Escape (Isaac Hardy, Johnny Rapid, Jorge Fusco, Ricky Larkin).mp4 135.84 MB
Johnny's Hole (Johnny Rapid, Sebastian Young).mp4 166.69 MB
Lessons from my Step Dad (Charlie Harding, Duncan Black, Johnny Rapid).mp4 183.89 MB
Locked In (Connor Kline, Johnny Rapid).mp4 152.66 MB
Major League Part 2 (Andrew Stark, Johnny Rapid, Riley Banks).mp4 160.47 MB
Major League Part 3 (Andrew Stark, Hunter Page, Johnny Rapid).mp4 206.99 MB
Masked Men (Colby Jansen, Dean Monroe, Tommy Defendi).mp4 205.57 MB
Mechanic Meltdown (Hayden Richards, Johnny Rapid).mp4 186.16 MB
Men Caught On Video 1 (AJ Sylvester, Cash Walker, Johnny Rapid).mp4 173.25 MB
Muscle Worship (Bryce Evans, Johnny Rapid, Mike De Marko).mp4 143.99 MB
New Cubicle Mate (Colby Jansen, JD Phoenix).mp4 149.93 MB
Not in Public (Bryce Evans, Chris Bines, Johnny Rapid).mp4 156.83 MB
Office of Student Research (Colby Jansen, Hunter Page).mp4 223.53 MB
One Night Only (Colby Jansen, Dean Monroe).mp4 138.45 MB
Peeping Tom (Johnny Rapid, Max Flint).mp4 189.39 MB
Pervy Professor (Johnny Rapid, Colby Keller).mp4 132.80 MB
Pool Shark (Johnny Rapid, Brandon Lewis).mp4 147.96 MB
Prison Shower (Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar).mp4 145.48 MB
Prison Shower 2 (Johnny Rapid, Jack King, Sebastian Young).mp4 120.09 MB
Prison Shower 3 (Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Rapid).mp4 179.68 MB
Prison Shower 4 (Johnny Rapid, Cooper Reed, Landon Conrad).mp4 165.21 MB
Repeat Offender (Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar).mp4 127.52 MB
Return of the Night Stick (Johnny Rapid, Robert Van Damme).mp4 144.15 MB
Reunited (Colby Jansen, Jaxton Wheeler).mp4 175.35 MB
Rod's Fantasy (Andrew Stark, Colby Jansen, Rod Daily).mp4 141.36 MB
Role Reversal (Colby Jansen, Dale Cooper).mp4 183.59 MB
Room Service (Johnny Rapid, Ricky Sinz).mp4 175.56 MB
Rub me Down (Cole Harvey, Johnny Rapid).mp4 200.59 MB
School's Out Part 2 (Isaac Hardy, Johnny Rapid).mp4 122.10 MB
Scrum Part 1 (Colby Jansen, Connor Kline).mp4 128.27 MB
Scrum Part 3 (Aaron Bruiser, Colby Jansen).mp4 122.20 MB
Scrum Part 3 (Colby Jansen, Connor Kline, Connor Maguire, Braden Charron).mp4 163.76 MB
Scrum Part 4 (Colby Jansen, Woody Fox).mp4 129.97 MB
Scrum Part 5 (Colby Jansen, Dan Broughton).mp4 130.21 MB
Scrum Part 6 (Colby Jansen, Dan Broughton, Woody Fox).mp4 141.40 MB
Sebastian Keys Gang Bang (Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar, Sebastian Keys, Spencer Fox, Tony Paradise).mp4 178.88 MB
Secret Stash (Johnny Rapid, Johnny Rocks).mp4 164.19 MB
Seducing the Professor 2 (Johnny Rapid, Rocco Reed).mp4 138.87 MB
Sex Addicks Anonymous (Colby Jansen, Trevor Knight).mp4 222.84 MB
Sex Traveler 3 (Colby Jansen, Colby Keller, Landon Conrad).mp4 188.18 MB
Sharing a Smoke (Colby Jansen, Trey Turner).mp4 145.36 MB
Son Swap 1 (Colby Jansen & Dirk Caber).mp4 458.71 MB
Special Delivery (Chaz Stone, Johnny Rapid).mp4 138.38 MB
Sperm Bank (Colby Jansen, Travis James).mp4 115.63 MB
Spice it Up (Bobby Clark, Colby Jansen, Donny Wright).mp4 225.34 MB
Stepfahter's Secret Part 1 (Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid).mp4 165.08 MB
Stepfather's Secret Part 4 (Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, Trevor Spade).mp4 200.52 MB
Stiff as a Board (Colby Jansen, Spencer Fox).mp4 148.33 MB
Streetwalker (Colby Jansen, Asher Hawk).mp4 126.35 MB
Strip Club (Colby Jansen, Connor Maguire, Mike de Marko).mp4 119.31 MB
Substitute Teacher Initiation (Jason Denver, Johnny Rapid, Kyle Quinn).mp4 167.15 MB
The Bet (Tyler Hunt, Johnny Rapid).mp4 135.32 MB
The Blogger (Donny Wright, Johnny Rapid).mp4 122.26 MB
The Brotherhood of the Travelling Underweat 1 (Mike de Marko, Johnny Rapid).mp4 181.69 MB
The CEO's Office (Colby Jansen, Logan Vaughn).mp4 135.07 MB
The Closet (Haigen Sence, Johnny Rapid, Tommy Defendi).mp4 211.42 MB
The Crotch Rocket (Colby Jansen, Tyler Sweet).mp4 188.91 MB
The Extra (Josh Long, Johnny Rapid).mp4 148.75 MB
The Gaytrix Part 1 (Colby Jansen, Darius Ferdynand).mp4 183.08 MB
The Gaytrix Part 2 (Colby Jansen, Daniel Johnson).mp4 124.06 MB
The Gaytrix Part 3 (Colby Jansen, Paul Walker).mp4 136.25 MB
The House (Johnny Rapid, Zeb Atlas).mp4 115.65 MB
The Last Shower (Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen).mp4 173.48 MB
The Leak (Brandon Moore, Colby Jansen).mp4 147.54 MB
The New Exclusive (Duncan Black, Colby Jansen).mp4 180.03 MB
The New Jockstrap (James Ryder & Trenton Ducati).mp4 823.16 MB
The Pledges (Cooper Reed, Kip Johnson, Johnny Rapid).mp4 205.16 MB
The Red Room (Blaze, Jack Steel, Johnny Rapid).mp4 229.93 MB
The Secretary (Colby Jansen, Andy Taylor).mp4 142.55 MB
The Sniffer (Landon Conrad & JR Bronson).mp4 525.53 MB
The Straight to Gay Show 4 (Colby Jansen, Jake Steel).mp4 153.42 MB
The Strippets (Brandon Lewis, Colby Jansen, Jack King).mp4 181.40 MB
The TA Part 1 (Duncan Black, Johnny Rapid, Topher Di Maggio).mp4 126.67 MB
The TA Part 2 (Johnny Rapid, Topher Di Maggio).mp4 134.83 MB
The Wrestling Trophy (Johnny Rapid, Dominic Reed, Ryan Rockford).mp4 200.89 MB
The Wrong House (Daryl Prince Lords, Johnny Rapid).mp4 182.09 MB
There's Something About Johnny Part 1 (Johnny Rapid, Jaxton Wheeler).mp4 181.49 MB
There's Something About Johnny Part 2 (Jake Hammer, Johnny Rapid).mp4 147.35 MB
There's Something About Johnny Part 3 (Johnny Rapid, Ty Roderick).mp4 173.97 MB
There's Something About Johnny Part 4 (Johnny Forza, Johnny Rapid).mp4 164.50 MB
There's Something About Johnny Part 5 (Johnny Rapid, Jake Hammer, Jaxton Wheeler).mp4 211.64 MB
Tony Paradise and Johnny Rapid.mp4 190.87 MB
Top to Bottom 1 (Colby Jansen, Tony Paradise).mp4 191.23 MB
Top to Bottom 4 (Colby Jansen, Tommy Defendi).mp4 201.43 MB
Top To Bottom Charlie Harding (Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen).mp4 169.64 MB
Topher DiMaggio and Marc Dylan.mp4 298.41 MB
Tops Only Required (Charlie Harding, Jack King, Johnny Rapid).mp4 200.61 MB
Touchy Boss (Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed).mp4 144.80 MB
Trying out the Goods (Colby Jansen, Tomy Defendi, John Magnum).mp4 172.85 MB
Turn me Into a Whore (Charlie Harding, Johnny Rapid).mp4 171.38 MB
Turn me Into a Whore 2 (Johnny Rapid, Liam Magnuson).mp4 175.23 MB
Turn me Into a Whore 3 (Johnny Rapid, Charlie Harding, Jack King).mp4 200.06 MB
Tyler St James and Johnny Rapid.mp4 186.08 MB
Undercover Part 2 (Dale Cooper, Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen).mp4 152.57 MB
Winning Ball (Blaze, Brad Foxx, Rafael Alencar, Johnny Rapid).mp4 189.97 MB
Wood (Colby Jansen, Marcus Ruhl).mp4 158.36 MB
XXXMas (Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Tom Faulk, Topher Di Maggio).mp4 151.37 MB
Yoga Pants (Andy Taylor, Johnny Rapid).mp4 149.94 MB

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