♺ Dirty Tony - Derrick Hanson Fucks Clayton Archer

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-02 |
It's a brilliantly gorgeous and sunny day at the beach here in San Diego and today 2 very muscular and hot studs, Clayton Archer and Derrick Hanson made a special trip there to lay out and work on their tans, but soon after they have disrobed they realize they are far too horny to be in a public place with half of their clothes off so around they turn to head back to the house. Not a moment goes by after returning to the bedroom when Derrick literally shoves little Clayton back onto the bed with a force I don't think he's felt before. You can see how stunned and turned on he is while Derrick seriously takes control and throws him around, holding his arms back and getting a lungfull of Clayton's sweaty armpit aroma. Next Derrick pulls Clayton's hard dick out and completely swallows the entire thing letting his nuts rest on his chin while he works his throat muscles to constrict and massage the sensitive glans buried deep within. After he's filled his own appetite for cock, he climbs on top of Clayton, straddling his built pecs and shoving his own super hard dick directly into is awaiting lips. While fucking Clayton's face, Derrick reaches down and begins fingering his hole which he can tell is sending Clayton over the edge by the way his moans feel vibrating around his engorged cock deep in his face. This is all the coercion needed, as Derrick quickly extracts his dick from the chamber of saliva and plants it firmly into Clayton constrictive rectum, which grabs onto it like a Popfly and holds on for dear life. Derrick pumps away breaking the tight grip and stretching that hole out like the softest velvet sheet before they both explode semen all over Clayton's impressive abdominal muscles. Finally as the cherry on his Sundae, Derrick leans down and licks up a bit of splooge and leans in for a last kiss. Such a hot and romantic session!
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