♺ Fire & Smoke Eric York, Joshua Scott, Ben G , Dakota Phillips, Erik Ludwig, Gunther Williams, Joe Kent, Mickey Squires, Rob Jones, Scott Spears, Wade Dean

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-01 |
Cast:  Eric York, Joshua Scott, Ben G., Dakota Phillips, Erik Ludwig, Gunther Williams, Joe Kent, Mickey Squires, Rob Jones, Scott Spears, Wade Dean

Fire & Smoke features a ragtag band of uniformed bear-men with two things in common: cigars and dick. In a land far away from twinkville, these manly men do very manly things to each other while grunting like real men.

In the first scene, York (blonde, hunky) and Scott (black-haired, hairy, goatee) play buff “cops” who attempt to preserve peace and order by gobbling each other’s dorks. The sucking goes on a bit too long, but eventually the scene changes and Scott is bent over with York’s nightstick in his ass. Scott is a bit lackadaisical about the whole thing but he’s such eye candy that it really doesn’t matter.

Next up is Ben G. (African American, body of perfection) and Jones (follically challenged, hairy, sunglasses). Ben spends a good 10 minutes relishing the taste of Jones’ chubby doodle. Jones briefly returns the favor, before slamming Ben in the tushie, which causes Ben to shoot a heavy white load all over his dusky, rippled stomach.

Leather meets the law in the next scene, where Dakota (cop, dark hair, hirsute) and Spears (leather getup, jaw-stretcher) smoke cigars and each others’ manmeat. After a bit of low-energy fellatio, they skip the obligatory anal and decide to bring themselves to climax instead.

In the final scene, you’ll discover the real Puff Daddy. He’s big, he’s hairy and he sucks on a stogie like it’s a serious schlong. He’s Gunther Williams, and he’s the ringleader in a smoky five-person orgy that includes Squires, Ludwig, Kent and Dean. A horny mix of cops and leathermen alternate between cocks and cigars as they suck and blow. The climax of the scene is a dick-sucking, nipple-nibbling twosome between mustachioed Squires and well-hung Williams, which leads to Squires on his back with Williams’ plunger up his rear.

Though the scenes drag on a little too long, the camerawork could be more creative and the energy level could use a kick in the ass at times, Fire & Smoke is still decent self-abuse fodder for those who like to smoke and choke at the same time.
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