Tom Ropes McGurk - Classics Vol 2 (flv)

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Two Bondage.Classics 1

In ROPE RITUALS Newcomer Jeremy Wess serves Master Chris McKenzie while tightly bound. Jeremy's ritual includes being hog-tied, spread eagle, and the chair.  Discipline is enforced throughout with the whip. Jeremy shoots a load when he is allowed to service his Master's armpits. Three more tightly bound positions follow. Again the whip and the Master's hand bring this beauty to a rousing cum spurt. This young slave is in peak condition and gives it his all.

In TRAINED TO OBEY Chad Knight is the gorgeous young slave who will amaze you with his ability to serve and submit. No part of the young slave's tightly bound perfect body is spared the whip or the wand. Chad can only submit and endure as he licks Duke Tyler's boots, licks ass, and begs for relief.

Starring Chad Knight, Duke Tyler, Jeremy Wess and Chris McKenzie.
Directed by Tom "Ropes" McGurk.

2010-05-14 03:43:13
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