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Elder Sorensen and Bishop Angus - Inspection Part2

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DescriptionElder Sorensen spent his whole childhood looking forward to his mission. But when the time came to say goodbye to his parents and get on the plane, he was terrified.

What would life as a missionary be like? Was he really mature enough at 18 to be on his own? And, given his insatiable sex drive, how would he avoid erotic temptations?

But now that heÂ’s getting to know the other boys on his mission, his fears have evaporated. He is obviously leadership material, and his dedication has earned him the admiration of the other missionaries.

And his sex drive has not proven to be a problem. It turns out the other repressed boys are as horny as he is, and one by one each of his companions as well as the boys heÂ’s been with on splits, have found a way to get Elder Sorensen out of his clothes.

When Elder Miller told him about The Order, joining became his singular aspiration.

He has spent nearly every subsequent day fantasizing about the men of the priesthood involved in this cult of male sexual bonding. He knows that he will do whatever it takes to learn about and receive the higher priesthood.

for their part, The Order is eager to see if the popular boy has what it takes to be one of them.

They had invited him to the mission home for his inspection by Bishop Angus.

Elder Sorensen takes the process very seriously. He has always given one hundred percent to everything he does, and this is no different.

HeÂ’ll go above and beyond to please the Bishop when given the opportunity. And it wonÂ’t be a chore. The boy is irresistibly attracted to masculine older men.

The handsome young missionary can hardly believe he has found himself alone with the bishop.

His hand trembled as he ran it down the muscular manÂ’s hairy chest to his stiff cock.

Elder Sorensen has always been attracted to father figures, and Bishop Angus has everything he likes in a man: a handsome face, a barrel chest, and a fat dick.

As he feels the bishopÂ’s thick meat, he wonders what it would feel like in his tight virgin hole.

The missionary doesn’t want to waste the opportunity he has been given – he savors every second.

But the bishop has determined that this is not the time to take the boyÂ’s virginity.

Following the BishopÂ’s cues, Elder Sorensen obediently rubs his dick against the BishopÂ’s hole, and then stuffs it in.

At first, heÂ’s cautious. He fucks with slow and deep motions. But it doesnÂ’t take long for Elder Sorensen to realize that the Bishop can take a rough pounding.

He grips AngusÂ’s shoulders and drives his cock into him, letting his desire to fuck the sexy bishop take over completely.

Bishop Angus is also overcome with lust. His hole is responsive to the missionaryÂ’s cock, tightening around it with each thrust. And he canÂ’t help moaning and crying out, encouraging the boy to fuck him harder and faster.

Elder Sorensen is happy to comply. His face and chest are bright red from exertion, but he somehow amps it up and fucks even faster. He canÂ’t think of anything but pumping Bishop Angus full of his hot cum.

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